3 Level 1 Violations

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I am relatively new to Infinite Flight. I have started few long-haul fights and naturally, took a nap while the plane is cruising. Unfortunately, I ‘overslept’ on a couple of these flights and consequently, was issued 3 level 1 violations at each occasion. Why do I receive 3 violations each, instead of 1 violation?



This is because you did not take any action to stop overspeeding (I’m assuming that’s the reason why the violation was issued). So you got one violation after the other because you continued to overspeed.

The limit is three violations - you are disconnected from your flight after three Level 1 violations.

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This is a great question. With level 1 violations, they are system generated. When an infraction occurs, a warning will appear, and after some time, the violation will happen. This will repeat as long as the infraction continues to occur. Once you reach the violation limit, the system will disconnect you from the flight.

Check this out for more information:

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Would I be able to appeal these violations (I mean, I did not violate the rules deliberately as I was still asleep).

I’m now only able to access casual and training servers only :((

Unfortunately, level 1 violations cannot be appealed unless it was a result of a system error


Yeap! Exactly that, I always arm VNAV on because I always think I can wake up before top of descent.

Evidently not! Hahahaha.

This is the reason why I never arm VNAV until I´m a few minutes before top of descent… Would recommend you to do the same :D

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