3 Level 1 violations, I thought I turned off my phone

I tried doing a flight from CYYZ to KMIA but had realized that I wouldnt have enough time for the flight so I turned my phone off and went to sleep. At the same time I had my power on the flight going up and it had “reached the max limit violations” and I was un aware of this. Please someone help

Sadly level 1 violations can’t be appealed unless it was an issue with the game (Bugs, glitches, etc.)


So I would have to wait 21 days for all 3 of my level 1 violations to go away?


Technically they never go away but they will dissapear from the grade table on 24 hours, 7 days,and 12 months, as time goes on


Yea sorry thats what I meant, so that means if I got 3 level 1 violations, I would have to wait 21 days for them to go away from the grade table?

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so for them to come off of the 24 hours box, you have to wait 24 hours. for the 7 day box, you have to wait 7 days, and for the 12 month box, you have to wait 12 months. So 12 months in total for them all to go away off the grade table

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I have 3 of each in 24 hrs/ 7 days/ 12 months. The 12 months I guess do not count tho because I have enough landings to even it out. So that’ll leave me with 3 violations each in 24 hrs/ 7 days column. So that means if I have 3 in that 7 days column that would be 7+7+7 =21, so id have to wait 21 days? Unless I just have to wait 7 days

No. They don’t stack like that.

So I would just have to wait 7 days to get back to grade 4?

You would have to wait for the latest of your Level 1 violations that are preventing you from accessing GR4 to expire.

So itd be 7 days?

Sorry yall, im just trying to figure things out

Yes, exactly. You’ll be back at Grade 4 on March 10th, provided that you meet all other criteria of course.

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Great, thank you very much yall!

This can be closed now 🙂