3 entire years!

Dear IFC,

It’s been three full years since I joined the Infinite Flight Community. What a beautiful place it has become !

Infinite Flight, in a bit more than three years has filled my life. It is somehow part of who I am. I accomplished quite a number of things in three years… I’m going to quickly recount that for you 😘

Date Achievement
March 2022 I became IFATC, with @NJ24 as my wonderful trainer, with the one and only @Edoardo_C as my trainer.
March 2022 Following my arrival in the IFATC, I am invited to join the IFFO private Discord server, this is how I made most encounters, friends even! I organized events and group flights, this is the beginning of my IF social life (lol)
May 2022 I got accepted into the IFAET, this was really something I managed to have fun with, and I was delighted to contribute to the simulator! 🏗️
July 2022 I think the Oshkosh event on Infinite Flight has moved me! I was really proud to participate in the event, following the approach procedures with all these other people was truly mind-blowing. ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ Also, staying up until 2 AM to participate was really worth it
August 2022 I start my IFATC Radar Training with the amazing @Alexandre 🇫🇷
February 2023 My officer training is finally completed!
September 2022 @EgyptairVirtual is born 🇪🇬! With the initial help of @_TIM_49 and @saam
March 2023 I am promoted to Reviewer in the IFAET, I’m really happy that the Staff and Moderators have placed faith in me! Thank you, sincerely.
April 2023 I am offered the opportunity to join the Beta team, this is the epitome of my Infinite Flight experience!
Future… I am willing to continue working hard and contribute to the IFC and the Infinite Flight pilots, through my IFATC controlling and IFAET editing. 💭

Of course, during these three years I made several encounters, most of which good or great encounters!

There’s quite a hefty list: @saam of course, my bestie ! @_TIM_49 my frenchie and @Pierrick the other frenchie.
There is also @Tyler_Shelton and @DeerCrusher with whom I love to have a chat once in a while.
@CompetitiveDivide320 and @Robertine you guys are just too funny
@Maxime_Flying who I met in Corsica last summer.

I’m not going to go overboard with tags but if I didn’t tag you, there is probably no rational reason…

I want to thank Laura, Cam, Jarno and all the developers, 3D-artists and community managers who work in both the foreground and background. 💪

Three years in three images

We start off with a screenshot taken in Hamilton Island, this was shot during an IFFO event, with @BorderAviation @Luca_Mig @Butter0 , @Teized and @Stan7 Our events always end up in chaos, because chaos is fun. 🤪

Of course I cannot not show a pic of Egyptair, this is a fun formation flight we did to advertise our Virtual Airline ! How good !!!

And my all-time favorite Infinite Flight shot, none other than Australia and the Dreamliner, perfect match.

That’s a wrap for this year, I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon, therefore I’ll still be around for quite a while.



Wow what a journey. Glad to have you on board here and wish you the best in the future

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Congratulations on 3 Years! Especially, in the last year you have achieved a lot an I look forward to seeing what else you achieve in the future!

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Congratulations 👏, looking to see in your future
achievements !

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Thank you !

Thank you Ben !

Thank you !!


Wow, this has been an amazing journey. Congratulations!

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Beautiful journey, congratulations ;)

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Congratulation !!🤩

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Thank you @StarAviation @Aleo and @Powerito9 !


You are a hardworking and talented young man, can’t wait to see you in a real cockpit. nice deserved climb here in IF.


Congratulations! Wishing you success in the coming years.

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Congrats on 3 years Mathurin!

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Bro, on avait dit que c’était privé…

Joke aside, Congrats!

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Congrats 🎉

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Congrats 👏

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Thank you Marc ! It sincerely means a lot !

Thanks Aftab !

Thanks you !!!

Oopsies… not anymore I’m afraid 😅😂

Thank you Kairi !

Thanks Duy!!


A big congratulations @Mathurin_Garcier 🥳🥳🥳!!

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Happy Anniversary! 🫡👍
Congratulations! 🎉🎉👏👏

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Waw beautiful 😏❤️

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Congrats, we hope you one day in IF Staff Team 🙏🏼

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