3 degrees angle

hello community…
so I have a question when Pilots refer themselves to a 3 degrees angle when just about to make a flare how would you calculate that in IF?


The tick marks that run up and down on the HUD (the ones that show the aircraft’s pitch) are all in 5 degree increments. So to get a three degree flair aim your nose somewhere in between the 0 and 5 degree mark.

Let me know if this makes sense…


ok i have an idea … but how are degree calculated in the HUB?
I’m sorry if I am just making this harder than usual but I don’t get to understand that little part

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Give me one second and I can attach a photo for you…

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If you look at the image above you can see that…

The red line represents the horizon (a.k.a. 0 degrees)

Green-5 degrees
Yellow-10 degrees
Black-15 degrees

(And so on…)

If you want a three degree flair, point your nose (represented by the white line) in between the 0 degree and 5 degree marks. In this picture, my nose is currently about 3 degrees which is what you want when you flair.

Let me know if this helps…


@Captain_Finck Perfect explanation man thank you I will go on and practice it

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Glad I could help you out!

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Wow you are very helpful! I didn’t even know that meant 5° 😆


Well, even better I helped multiple people!


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