3 days of spotting at SFO... In a row!

Hello everyone! Today’s spotting post will be a little different. Hope you enjoy!

On Sunday, March 24th, I decided I was going to go to SFO on Monday. I had not been in a little while. I went, and had a good time. The next day, I was studying, and saw on FlightRadar24 there was something very special coming in, so I rushed to SFO for the second day in a row. And yesterday, I saw 2 more special things, so I rushed there again. In all, a pretty hectic few days. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, March 25th - Day 1. (the classic SFO)

First up, a beautiful Singapore Airlines A350 arriving from Singapore! What a long flight.

My third (yes third) time spotting Qatar Airways A350-1000 in the Oneworld livery!

My first time spotting Starlux’s A350! The service started a little while back, but I had not gotten a chance to spot it. What a great livery! (Funny enough, a guy on Instagram, Ty, actually captured a photo of me spotting this aircraft and posted it to Instagram! Check it out here)

A beautiful, yet classic sight at SFO. The 2-in-1. Here it is, with Aer Lingus’s A330-200, and SAS’s A330-300!

Tuesday, March 26th - Day 2. (a sunny day!)

First up, TAP’s beautiful A330neo wearing the “100th Aircraft” sticker. My third time spotting this plane.

Next, Air India’s 777-200LR, in the funky hybrid livery with white engines and no orange around the windows. This plane is a lease, I believe ex-Delta.

And here. One of my all time favorite liveries on the 787, Qantas’s “Yam Dreaming” livery! It looks so beautiful. My first time spotting it.

Wednesday, March 27th - Day 3. (reverse ops!)

Day after day after day, I have gotten unlucky and again unlucky. I finally completed the Lufthansa gauntlet, with the first time spot of the new livery on the 747!

While I really love the basic Vietnam Airlines A350 livery, I never got a chance to spot the Skyteam livery yet! Here it is, arriving on runway 19L. I will never take for granted the fact that SFO is the only U.S destination that Vietnam Airlines flies to.

And finally. The best spot of the week. Hawaiian Airlines’s 787-9! I had about 3 chances during its “proving” flights to catch it at SFO but never was able to make my way over there. I finally caught it! It really is a gorgeous livery on the 787.

Which shot did you like best?

  • 1 (Singapore Airlines A359)
  • 2 (Qatar Airways A35K [Oneworld livery])
  • 3 (Starlux A359)
  • 4 (SAS and Aer Lingus 2-in1)
  • 5 (TAP A339 [100th Aircraft sticker])
  • 6 (Air India B77L)
  • 7 (Qantas B789 [Yam Dreaming livery])
  • 8 (Lufthansa B748)
  • 9 (Vietnam Airlines A359 [Skyteam livery])
  • 10 (Hawaiian B789)
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Thanks for reading and viewing!


Amazing shots! Whats your camera setup?


Beautiful!!! I wish I could take photos like you, they’re incredible

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nikon d3400 with…

thank you! appreciate the feedback.

Where exactly did you park up on the bayshore to get these shots?!

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the first day is at Bayfront park
the second day is at coyote point, on the beach facing the airport.
the third day is also bayfront park, it just looks different because they were using the 10s and 19s, reverse ops.

These are some great photos! i often forget how diverse SFO’s traffic is, also im suprised the Hawaiian 789 is already in service

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the hawaiian 787 is doing “proving flights” (test flights before service) at various US airports.

yes SFO is underrated!

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Amazing shots! Even with the sky looking pretty gloomy in some of these, it gives a nice contrast. Great job!

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yeah it does, but there was also fog which wasn’t fun on the third day. all in all it was great though!

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I love the pictures! Especially the one with the 2 butter machines in 1 frame

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yeah! i was really glad to get that shot. very unique!

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