3 Day Virtual Airline Trip???

So I’m thinking of putting together a 3 Day Trip for 1 of the VA’s I’m in. SWVA, FFT, VAVA, DLVA. I want to see how many of you would be interested in joining me.

I’m only flying regional flights wit DLVA until I get the X amount of hours to fly longer flights. So I probably won’t do it with DLVA because of that.

So we’re narrowed down to SWVA, VAVA, and FFT. Let me know which airline you guys would like to do it with out of those 3.

We will begin in KMDW or KDEN with SWVA (because I’m in the middle of changing bases with SWVA, the base we would leave out of with SWVA isn’t verified yet)

With FFT we would obviously start in KDEN.


And with VAVA we would start in KLAX or KSFO (I’ll let you guys decide if VAVA is the airline).

Whatever base we begin at, we will return to on the 3rd day after we started. The trip will take place anywhere between the 19th to no later than the 28th of February, and will take place during work week days after 1500CST. Each day will do as little as 1 flight to as many as 4 flights, and finish out the day hopefully no later than 2200CST.

I will have more details after I see results on what airline you guys want the most. I look forward to doing this maybe this coming week, and if its a success, I will plan on trying to put one together once every month. And yall have try and complete the entire 3 days with me

Wall of text.

You might need to work on the formatting. I can’t even get through the first three rows to be honest…


Why can’t you get thru the first 3 rows?

Because it’s one huge blurb. Use paragraphs, bullet points, pictures. Be creative. Take a look in the events or VA category, you’ll see what @schyllberg is referring to.

*Disclaimer- It’s constructive, well intended criticism. Don’t get upset or angry.


Ok. thanks for that input! I will definitely try and do those thing and make it more interesting! @Pilot_Dick_Dastardly


Another note. The logo you used for VAVA is part of the Virgin Atlantic logo. Not that it matters, just thought I would let you know. This sounds like a really fun event though! Maybe put the 3 of us CEO’s in a group chat. 😉

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