3 Day Trip featuring FVA **Postponed**

Hello everyone! Glad to be putting together my second ever 3 day trip! We shall leave KDEN on March XX and fly for 3 days and return to KDEN on March XX. All flights will take place on expert server. Flight info is below and is subject to change…

Day 1 | ??? — KDEN-KBNA-KTPA
Day 2 | ??? — KTPA-KCLE-KPHX

Hope to see y’all participate in some of these flights. See you in the skies!!🛫✈️


@Capt.Zach Great went and I will make sure to participate in some of it! Way to go bud!


So this topic is in #live

“Round The World in 7 days” [LOOKING FOR PILOTS] [NOT FLYING]

This is the exactly the same as that. #live is where this topic belong. Please do not spread false information before doing preliminary research

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That isn’t necessary. He didn’t intend to have his topic posted in any of the categories you listed.

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Fortunately, none of you need to make that decision.

I say it stays, i don’t consider this as an event.
And for future reference, FLAG and then move on. You don’t have to debate it as it’s out of your hands.


ill gladly come on at least one leg since its for my VA

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I might be able to make once, but I’ll have to see

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I posted this topic in live bc i was told earlier that #live was where this topic belonged.


I’m very proud of you for going out of our VA comfort zone and working with the community to do this Frontier flying! Well done Zach :)

~ Robert


Zachary your the best! I hope to make one leg at least… Or one day I should say.

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Ok! Day 1 of 3 will begin tomorrow! We’ll head down to Nashville (KBNA | Music City | Home of Country Music) and then continue on down to Tampa (KTPA). We will try to be out of KDEN by 16:00CST. It all depends on how my day is and finish hopefully no later than 22:00CST. I’ll have more information on departure times tomorrow around noon CST. However, Gates are open so let me know if you want to participate in the first and/or second flight.

Unfortunately I’ve decided to postpone the trip to a later date because of events taking place on these days and school and work keeping other people from being able to attend some of it. I will check my calendar and hopefully set 3 days aside this month when more people are able to participate. Sorry if i inconvenienced anyone.

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