3 Control towers?

Hello guys, right now I’m in Dulles airport to pickup my sister, I’ve noticed that it has 3 atc towers??? A big one and two smaller ones, why is that?

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Well, think about it. Can you imagine just having one group of people controlling an entire airport? Splitting the load makes it much easier, and we even use this on expert server here in IF!

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A new atc tower was constructed in 2004 at dulles airport so i believe one of the other ones you saw was the old one.

This might be something to look at? Basically what @Hamza.N said about a new tower being constructed.

There is one new tower that is used for aesthetics and not for controlling, as far as I’ve understood while the old iconic one got a makeover… considering it is 52 years old, it definitely needed one.

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I knew that there were multiples frequencies, but I tought they all were in the same tower

They may either be old control towers or used as separate ones to ease the workload.

Well, since each frequency controls a different area they’d need a separate tower (this is just an educated guess)

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Don’t forget about the baby towers that house ramp control. Those guys keep planes from pushing back into each other, blocking gates and alleyways, etc.


Thanks everybody!

I would think this is the case with Atlanta.

3 CONTROL TOWERS man i think that the airport will be controlled very nicely

DFW has a very nice setup. One tower handles the east runways, one tower handles the west. As you taxi across the bridge you switch ground frequencies to the other side and are then handled by them. I am pretty sure most major airports do it this way also.

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