3 bugs I spotted

I was just looking around the game and:

1- Stand guidance at EGLL just kept glitching in and out of the terminal
2- I was at a gate at Terminal 4 at KJFK and it just said “No jetbridges available” when I was right next to one
3- I was taxiing with around 10 meters of visibility then I got on to the runway and it changed to 10 miles in about 0.5 secs, I ain’t complaining but wtf

So yeah what’s up with these?

iPad Air 4
iOS 15

Hello there,

Before continuing with this, can I ask for the gate where you’re experiencing these issues? It would also be best if you are able to provide a screen recording of your issue while at EGLL.

As for the sudden change in visibility, it is possible that the weather was being updated and in the time between the updates, the visibility has changed significantly.

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Terminal 5B Gate 534 @LordWizrak

it happens when changing view (you can also see the edge of the jetbridge glitching. not as big of an issue.)

what about the issue at KJFK?

Would be great if you could also provide information about the gate that it’s occurring at; no need for a screen recording though. Thanks.

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@LordWizrak Terminal 4B Gate 35

Alright, I’ve just done some quick digging, and found that KJFK has not shipped with any animated jet bridges, nor was it given any Stand Guidance Systems (expect that to change in the future though), which means that what you’re experiencing at KJFK is perfectly normal now.

That said, I will have the EGLL panel issue noted and investigated internally. We really appreciate your report - thanks for taking the time to report this. Have a great Friday and weekend ahead!

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Ok thanks have a great day

That’s most likely a METAR change.

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