[3 Attending! Today! Atc needed!] Connecting Asia and USA @ WSSS - KSFO 292200ZJUN19

Information:Join us for the 9th in the worldest longest flight Singapore to San Francisco,
on this flight you will experience lots of wonderful views and that makes amazing screenshots.

Are you going to be Joining us ?

Flight Information:

Server: Training

Airport: Singapore Changi International Airport (WSSS)



Singapore Airlines

777-300/ER, A380-800, 787-10

United Airlines

777-200/ER, 787-9, 787-10


  • Follow all ATC instructions.
  • Please spawn 15 minutes Before Departure.
  • Please Request a Gate to reserve your place in the event.
  • Please make your callsgin relative to the airline you have chosen.

Flight Plan:

WSSS - NYLON - ELGOR - MAARI - 08E13 - 09E14 - 12E16 - PAGSI - 24E25 - D042R - LUKRA - BD552 - 36E39 - JUGEM - RIDER - 40E45 - 41E48 - 43E53 - 44E56 - 46E63 - 48N70 - 49N79 - 49N70 - 49N69 - 49N67 - 49N64 - 48N54 - 47N49 - 46N42 - 42N32 - 39N25 - FRLON - KSFO
(or copy my flight plan)


Gate List

Gate Pilot
Gate B09
Gate B08
Gate B07
Gate B06
Gate B05
Gate B04 @QFA_12 A380 SIA
Gate B03 leader @Captain_Tank 777-300/ER SIA
Gate B02 @Ben_Murtagh1 787-10 SIA
Gate A02
Gate A04
Gate A05
Gate A09
Gate A10
Gate A11
Gate A12


Singapore Changi


San Francisco


Extra Information:
Speed: M 0.85
Altitude: FL370 first 11 hrs, FL410 rest of the flight.
estimated flight time: 15 hrs 30 mins (may increase or decrease due to winds)


Sign me up

787-10 Singapore

sure see you there!

A380 Singapore

ok ill add you in

see you there!

Last chance to sign up! Gates still available

Information about today

Time: 2019-06-29T21:00:00Z
Runway will be used:20R
ATC: Unicom
Flight Plan: copy my flight plan (if Easier) or use the one in the Information about the Event.
Extra Info:

  • Please 10-15 early for screenshots.
  • Please Keep the flight professional.
  • stay 1-2nm away from each other.

And ill see you there

3hrs 50mins

1hrs 12 minutes and we need atc!

Sorry I am busy now I decided to take off with you but that was all

I might be able to do ATC tower and ground at WSSS