[3 attending!] Paro approach! (Worlds hardest) @VNKT 291430ZDEC19

Hello, pilots!

This fight is only for the bravest, the most skilled, and professional pilots out in the Ininfite Flight skies! if you think you have what it takes to take on the worlds most hardest approach, then why not join us?

About Kathmandu airport

About Paro Airport

Flight Details

Route: VNKT (Kathmandu, Nepal) --> VQPR (Paro, Bhutan)
Server: Expert
Time of departure: 2019-12-29T14:30:00Z
Flight time: 30-45 mins (Depending on winds)
Aircraft: Batik Air A320
Crusiing altitude: FL300
Speed: M0.79
Approach chart:


We will be using UNICOM, so please use it respectfully. Both airports are located at very high heights, so be aware of your speed to avoid getting violations.

Thanks for looking, see you there!
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I’ll be there.

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See you there!

Sign me the hell up!

See you there mate!

Heres a video of the approach were going to do!

Spawn in 14 minutes at any gate at VNKT if you’re coming!

Have fun everyone! PM me next time we do something like this please and I’ll try my best to come

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Can I still join?

Sure! You gotta be quick though, we took off!

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