(3 ATTENDING, 3 spots left!) Drawing an airplane in the sky for Christmas Eve! @KLAS 241900ZDEC19

Drawing an airplane in the sky!

Hello everyone, and welcome to a mini-series of events! Today’s flight is specifically made for Christmas-eve, and as everyone might be with their family, we could do this long flight!
This is how the flight plan will look like:

Flight details:

Server: Expert
Aircraft and livery: Any wide body of your choice!
Flight time: about 10 to 14 hours depending on winds
Cruising altitude: FL170
Speed: 300kts
Time of departure: 2019-12-24T19:00:00Z
Flight Plan:

Flight Plan

3644N/11736W 3658N/11923W 3713N/12016W 3723N/12050W 3731N/12103W 3737N/12110W 3747N/12111W 3754N/12105W 3814N/12031W 3834N/11944W 3853N/11855W 3911N/11804W 3919N/11739W 3933N/11658W 3940N/11638W 3939N/11630W 3934N/11623W 3923N/11619W 3907N/11604W 3840N/11519W 3825N/11429W 3817N/11408W 3812N/11404W 3806N/11404W 3744N/11408W 3744N/11414W 3745N/11422W 3754N/11528W 3756N/11535W 3801N/11537W 3805N/11534W 3815N/11522W 3820N/11515W 3823N/11512W 3829N/11507W 3832N/11509W 3833N/11515W 3829N/11519W 3819N/11527W 3810N/11540W 3807N/11547W 3807N/11556W 3807N/11606W 3811N/11628W 3817N/11655W 3825N/11715W 3831N/11727W 3835N/11734W 3837N/11736W 3843N/11737W 3845N/11735W 3849N/11722W 3856N/11659W 3903N/11638W 3907N/11627W 3909N/11622W 3911N/11617W 3914N/11619W 3914N/11623W 3911N/11634W 3904N/11656W 3856N/11720W 3852N/11737W 3852N/11742W 3852N/11746W 3854N/11747W 3858N/11747W 3903N/11749W 3908N/11745W 3914N/11740W 3919N/11731W 3926N/11708W 3934N/11649W 3943N/11623W 3946N/11607W 3951N/11538W 3952N/11458W 3944N/11308W 3935N/11141W 3932N/11113W 3934N/11105W 3937N/11101W 3941N/11100W 3950N/11059W 4155N/11100W 4204N/11101W 4207N/11055W 4207N/11047W 4305N/10949W 4313N/10941W 4312N/10934W 4303N/10932W 4251N/10941W 4211N/10958W 4157N/11000W 3917N/10832W 3916N/10826W 3913N/10816W 3904N/10631W 3904N/10619W 3907N/10616W 3913N/10615W 3920N/10613W 3931N/10604W 3940N/10549W 3943N/10537W 3941N/10459W 3936N/10426W 3929N/10401W 3920N/10341W 3908N/10316W 3858N/10258W 3843N/10250W 3832N/10252W 3829N/10249W 3825N/10229W 3833N/10223W 3834N/10201W 3834N/10127W 3923N/9937W 3938N/9919W 3946N/9915W 3958N/9914W 4053N/10016W 4103N/10022W 4103N/10011W 4101N/9959W 4008N/9840W 4003N/9829W 4001N/9813W 3957N/9753W 3947N/9733W 3937N/9717W 3927N/9711W 3919N/9716W 3913N/9715W 3902N/9707W 3741N/9508W 3720N/9438W 3713N/9431W 3706N/9434W 3706N/9440W 3707N/9450W 3712N/9458W 3849N/9737W 3858N/9750W 3902N/9805W 3902N/9817W 3853N/9835W 3752N/10008W 3743N/10008W 3736N/10008W 3725N/10013W 3718N/10023W 3715N/10035W 3713N/10042W 3708N/10043W 3704N/10040W 3654N/10025W 3646N/10015W 3634N/10016W 3617N/10023W 3609N/10046W 3601N/10120W 3558N/10151W 3559N/10217W 3600N/10237W 3604N/10258W 3611N/10311W 3617N/10318W 3626N/10326W 3632N/10337W 3631N/10350W 3620N/10407W 3607N/10437W 3559N/10511W 3550N/10525W 3540N/10522W 3513N/10459W 3356N/10303W 3232N/10058W 2929N/9620W 2921N/9552W 2917N/9502W 2917N/9424W 2914N/9333W 2913N/9322W 2910N/9350W 2905N/9456W 2903N/9605W 2907N/9636W 2910N/9705W 2917N/9728W 3158N/10215W 3522N/10825W 3546N/10916W 3610N/11022W 3627N/11120W 3632N/11413W

Flight notes: We will start the flight plan at the first waypoint, which will be 3658N/11923W so fly to that waypoint and we will start the drawing from there! I will be in the lead so you can just fly behind me. We will be taking off from Rwy 26R. We will land back at KLAS.

Gates and assignments

Gate Aircraft and livery Attendee
E05A 737BBJ
E03 737BBJ
E02 737BBJ
E01 737BBJ @Acaviation4138
D20A 737BBJ @NJ24
D19A 737BBJ @BravoCharlie

Thanks for looking, hope to see you there!


Wow I love that drawing 😍

I sadly can’t attend since my device is being fixed somewhere in the world. Also I just thought I think my subscription may have run out.

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Thanks! I did it myself 😏

Good luck with your device!

Also, if you are coming I will be in the lead so just follow me until we start the actual drawing.

Lol I just made 1 earlier and took me 15hours to finish


Yeah I saw your topic. Would you like to join?

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Idk that looks like it’s gonna take me 24 hours 😂 lol I was gonna do a long haul flight but idk maybe

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I’m doing this flight now just to see how long It will take. I did one earlier and it was estimated about 12-14 hours.

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Doing the test flight!

hmm, is it worth waking up at 3:30am Christmas morning for this?

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Well there are other timezones as well, for which it might be perfect for people.

Yeah, I was only joking. Hold up while i deliberate with myself real quick

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I’m doing it now and flight time is 14 hours according to my ETE :)

I just did a try and can confirm that IF wont let me put all those waypoints in.

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Are you sure? Just copy the whole thing and paste it into the search bar. Thats how I did it.

I edited a waypoint, try now.

I tried, wont work

Still not working for some reason

Does it imput only half or none?

It imputs half

yeah, I’m having the same issue.

Give me a moment, I’ll try and fix it.