3 aircraft almost hit drone at Heathrow

Drones and planes, not a good mix. And back in 2016 3 aircraft almost collided with one at London’s, Heathrow Airport. A report of the incident has been released and it finds that the pilots an A320 aircraft descending into Heathrow noticed a drone below the right wing at 10,000ft. It didn’t hit the aircraft, luckily, but over 65 near misses have occurred in Britain last year

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Time for Heathrow to invest in that electronic drone killing rifle. Or even better, this product from Boeing:



A lot of stupidity in this world


I basically live in a airport zone and I fly my drone still, I just can’t go above 75 ft after 6am and before 10pm.

Can’t people just get up and go spotting with a camera instead of flying their drones to a restricted airspace to take photos?


Your right! Definitely a lot of stupidity. I can understand someone wanting to take the drone out for an hour or two but surely there must be some sort of common sense?

I work at Heathrow and have seen 2 drones around the perimeter in the last year!

I thought there is already a law regarding Drones around Airport area (Which the owner can be imposed some sanctions such as fine).

They can cause a lot more than money damage if they hit in the right places. Lives could be lost if say they go into an engine.

Yes there is laws already about operating drones especially when done within an airport vicinity. Not only will you be breaking the law for flying a drone in a populated areas in the uk, but you’ll also be charged with endangering an aircraft which is an act of terrorism.

did I read this story correctly that the drone was spotted at roughly 10,000 ft? I didn’t even know drones would fly that high.


Them people need to take their own heads and nock against the trusty wall a few times.

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I have a drone myself actually, but I would never fly it near an airfield of any sorts, it’s hard enough to control in my back garden without getting near planes. However, I can’t fly mine very high up.

I am a certified drone operator, and with the “popular” drones sold by DJI today, you have something called GeoFencing, which is actually restricted areas you physically cannot fly into. You can however unlock it for a period of time (if you have a permit to film in those locations), but then your personal record is recorded and it’s reeeeally easy for law enforcement to find out who you are.

Cheap drones however, are a safety liability.

I have have a drone. I also live next to a heli-port. I never fly above the trees.

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