2OCT20 | IFATC in Training FNF | Official Controller List (Over)

I can control at around 2020-10-02T20:15:00Z tomorrow. Is that good? I’d like to be open for at least an hour.

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Yep! That’ll work for me!

Does it work for you @BritishAirways001?

Great! So you can come do a few patterns if you’re free in order to help me become a better controller!

Sure I can!

Can you add me to the list @USA_ATC? My tracking thread is here:

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Updated @Philippe_Gilbert C:

Yea sure that works

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Same here @USA_ATC Aviation2929's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

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List of airports being controlled today!

Please understand that we don’t have as many controllers controlling because they all have lives and school so it makes it difficult to do ATC sometimes.

Blake | IFATC in Training Manager

Please add my tracking thread

Now open at FTTJ pop along!

Closed thanks for coming @Speedbird222 :)


Open for FNF at FQMA

Inbound and departing aircraft welcome.

Please leave feedback both good and bad at the end of your session.

Pattern work, transition of airspace and inbound aircraft procedures required for practice.
RWYs 28 is in use at present for take off and landing.
Thank you

@USA_ATC @Aviation2929 @BritishAirways001 @Henry @MJP_27 @Philippe_Gilbert @REBELWOLF

Currently open at FAOR. Come for some patterns!


Common by!

Now closed

Open @PHNL