2OCT20 / 2100Z - Project Sunrise @ EGLL-YSSY


Welcome to my brand new event in this event we will be flying project sunrise as a celebration for me reaching 100 followers on Instagram (still didn’t just 8 more) flight time should be 19-20 hours hope to see you there

Server: Expert

Airport: EGLL

Time: 2020-10-02T20:00:00Z

Terminal 3
Aircraft Livery Gate Pilot
B789 Qantas 316 @BritishAirways001
B789 Qantas 317 @Bryan
B789 Qantas 318 @FlightisticYT
B789 Qantas 319 @Shafran
B789 Qantas 320 @Danilo_Henrique
B789 Qantas 321 @That_Guy14
B789 Qantas 322 @CPT_Bambi
B789 Qantas 363 @Mikael_Abud
B789 Qantas 364 @Pilot_Felix
B789 Qantas 365 @Thifal_Attaullah
B77W British Airways 313 @tunamkol

Extra information:
Flight plan available during the event copy from @BritishAirways001 altitude available during the event


Anyone would like to join

Hi can I have gate, but with a BA77W if possible please? Thanks!

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Well if the B77W is going to be able to fly that long then yes

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Hopefully it will done that flight with a 77W before

@Hardlanding_Hussain 19x3 = 57 😉

I’ll take the next open gate please

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Alright you got gate 317

Can I get 318 please?

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You got that gate

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Can you book me a gate ?

This one please

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this gate please

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Oh my god don’t do that 🤦‍♂️


This seems like a nice event to join! Unfortunately, due to the timing, I wouldn’t be able to join, but best of luck to you all and make sure to have fun y’all!


Let’s get some more sign ups

Can I please have a gate?

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I’ll take a gate

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Can we fill up the last 3 gates?

Hey!! What a great event of implmenting the Project Sunrise here on IF!

Can I have this Gate please? It is remote

And a question, arriving at YSSY, will there be any organization of gates or terminal? Or just arrive at what gate we want haha?

Thank you and see you there!

Any gate you want