2nd Runway at 4S2

Don’t know if this is supposed to suggested as a feature, but can we get the second runway at 4S2? It may not seem like it, due to the fact that is is a very small airport, but there are two runways. The main one is 7/25, but to the right, there is a grass runway used by gliders, XCUBS, and sometimes Cessna float planes. The runway does not have a number, but on the operational restrictions is says, ‘ GLIDERS, ULTRALIGHTS, AND FLOATS, USE RIGHT TFC. ALT GRASS LNDG AREA AVBL, NOT TO BE USED SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH PAVED RWY.’ Thanks for all the amazing work you guys do on the airports!


This would be at work of the Airport Editing Team! (IFAET)

As a group, they do not take requests.

A great place to track this airport, would be here, there is a project to promote all the airports in this state:


Thank you very much!

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Looking on, the airport seems pretty simple, and hasn’t been edited in over 4 years. If youd be interested in helping out that could be great, and help with the other small fields around Oregon. It would always be helpful to have a local! I’m sure this would probably be in the first few airports for an editor!