2nd AS Squadron

Thanks for controlling! It was a pleasure to fly in with good service!

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'Twas my pleasure. Hope to see you guys around soon!

We’ll let you know if we’re out again!

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Japanese Jaunt

Hello all! It’s been a while since I’ve last updated here. Since the most recent post, we’ve provided relief and support for two tropical storms/hurricanes and have shipped off to Japan.

Hurricane Hunting
These storms have allowed us to refine our relief skills to provide an easy and efficient response. We have also been sending out our ‘Hurricane Hunter’ in order to do recon and provide information about the storms. This information gives us a leading edge in tracking the storm and preparing our relief assets.

Cargo Runnin’
We recently got assigned a small mission to Japan! We’ve been helping out our friends in the 32nd by giving relief along with the 92nd. We’ve transported hundreds of thousands of pounds of cargo around Japan in the past week.

Busy Days Ahead
We know we’ll be having a busy month, events are being planned weekly and we’re getting information on some big missions and objectives coming up. Thanks all for reading, here are some pictures of the past few weeks!

A KC10 fuels up as a C-130 departs for a LAPES run.

A C-130 banking on base watching the KC10 roll down the runway.


we are the champions!


Of the worlddddd


Lol hahaha xd


I enjoyed my one day of japan in the C-40. Gotta head on back to base. 😅


It’s been almost a month since I’ve last updated this, but here’s a good little summary of recent events! (Ok, maybe I shouldn’t say “little” because it’s a lot…) I’ll make a part two post soon, I can’t fit all of the awesome screenshots into one post!

Hurricane Updates
As we are currently in the thick of hurricane season, everyone in the GAFAMC (Global Air force Air Mobility Command) is super busy! We’ve got to transport supplies from source, to staging area and then to the destination. At the destination the 2nd is in charge of taking the supplies and dropping them over the affected regions.

Two headline events occurred in the past month or so, these events showcased the best of USGAF and what we stand for!

Airlift for Lebanon
After the tragic explosion in Lebanon, the USAF and EAF (European Air Force) teamed up to bring in tons of cargo to Beirut! This short flight from the staging area at RAF Akrotiri (LCRA) was jam packed, with a flyover of Beirut to show our support, and then a very short approach into Beirut! The setting sun made for some fantastic pictures with the mountains of Lebanon just in the background!

IFATC Featured Region Group flight
In yet another very photo friendly environment, our forces took to the skies to represent during IFATC’s military featured day! This flight featured formation takeoffs, elephant walks, low passes and some formation approaches. This flight tested all aspects of our flying as it was yet another jam packed hour! Our route lead us from the busiest base, KLSV to KRIV, and then down to a fan favorite, KNUC!
Two C-130’s making their way to Texas to pick up supplies to send to Lake Charles after hurricane Laura.

The 2nd AS getting ready to takeoff for Lake Charles loaded with supplies.

The 2nd getting ready to depart Lake Charles to head home for the night.

The lineup of USAF/EAF forces at Beirut after the relief flight.

A C-130 taxis out to the active to depart back to LCRA.

Judgement 1 makes a low pass on the runway before landing.

F22’s startup engines before taxiing out to 21L at Nellis AFB during the IFATC featured flight.

The front half of our elephant walk at KRIV. (Infinite flight literally cannot show the amount of aircraft on the runway!)

Our C-130’s merge into a single file line as we approach KNUC off the coast of SoCal.


Always good to see the 2nd AS out in full force! Always a pleasure watching you guys fly the 4 Fans of freedom🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸!

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Always a pleasure to fly alongside you! 🇺🇸

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