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Nice pictures! I love the 3. one.


Around the world journey has been completed!
It took us about 4-5 days in order to complete, but it’s done! This around the world journey was awesome because it took us to destinations the 2nd and other GAF forces rarely see. Flying and flight planning in these different regions is always fun and an accepted challenge.

Our around the world journey looked like this:

On our route in and out of EGUN, we were met with a nice greeting from Euro forces and Adam Callow, its always fun to see some friends! Our route from EGUN-LCRA turned out to be popular as a few people who decided to tag along for the fun of it, and take some photos! Big thanks to @PilotMatt for grabbing some of the incredible pictures that will be shown below.

After the completion of the around the world trip, we’ve had cargo being run across the US and over the Atlantic. A training excessive has been planned for this weekend in Nevada, more to come on that later. Overall the second has had a progress filled week, all while setting aside time to celebrate our nations independence on July fourth.

Thanks all for reading and we hope to see you in the skies soon, time for the pics!
A beautiful sunset out of RAF Akrotiri in the Middle East.

A herc on descent into Malaysia during the mid morning hours

Two herc moonshot!

A herc taking off out of OTBH

Written by Captain and PR Officer Will Guthro, pictures courtesy of @PilotMatt and @Twayne

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Was AWESOME to watch ya’ll complete this journey and visit some of these amazing locations around the world! #FourFansOfFreedom🇺🇸

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The around the World journey, in a Herc, was an awesome adventure. Thanks for showcasing this journey on your page @BostonStrongWill

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loved flying around the world in the Herc. And finding the limits with a 5,000 nm flight.

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For sure Matt! Your welcome to join anytime.

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Big Week for GAF

IFAE/GAF has made many structural changes over the past week, these changes should warrant an interesting update here as they are vital to our operations in the 2nd.

IFAE/GAF as a structure and organization may seem like it’s overlooked in these posts, but it certainly isn’t. GAF has a complex system of rankings and placements for staff and positions, it’s very complicated and hard to explain, but here’s the basics. This week, the responsibilities among the headquarters were divided to allow each staff a role that they understand and can work well with. Most of these reforms made our old system better organized and more accessible to the pilots at GAF.

We would like to congratulate all of our HQ staff, our personnel staff, and all of our higher up operations staff that have recently been promoted into higher or new roles.

We’ve also got ourselves an ACC (Air Combat Command) and AMC (Air mobility command) staff, which will be able to designate roles to all of our units around the USAF.

On the squadron side, we would like to congratulate @Richard_Murdock1 on his promotion to Lieutenant General
@Capt_Jim on his promotion to commander of the 2nd
And @Twayne on his promotion to Operations director at the 2nd. Congrats on your hard work fellas!

Lastly, we had a spectacular training mission today at Nellis AFB near Las Vegas, we are excited to write about this in more detail once the event has finished, this awesome 3 day mission was thought up by the one and only Rocco, former commander of the 92nd who now holds a higher role with GAF. Thanks all for reading and a new article should be here shortly!
Written by Captain and PR Officer Will Guthro


Operation Occupy Tonopah
This weekend was a blast for the USAF. The 6th, 27th, 2nd and 92nd all got together to hold a massive joint training mission at Nellis AFB outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Nevada is a hotspot for U.S. Air forces in real life, as well as in Infinite Flight. We use the region near Tonopah as a place to hold frequent and large scale training missions, the geography works perfectly for all aspects of our mission. This three day exercise brought in forces even from Europe!

Here’s a description of our mission;

The fighters were practicing aerial refueling with the tankers from the 92nd, and were constantly distracted by the numerous enemy aircraft coming in from the north. Many dogfights took place, truly testing the capabilities of our fighter aircraft.

The C130s-C17s were responsible for making troop drops at low altitudes in the darkness, a very difficult task when considering the terrain of the Nevada Desert. The troop aircraft were also rerouted to avoid the danger of enemy fighters.

We were also testing out a brand new system of AWACS brought to us by our friendly Royal Australian Air Force from the down under. These AWACS systems provided our fighters with a much more realistic experience in dogfighting enemy aircraft.

On day 3, we stepped away from more combat oriented scenarios and looked to putting on a nice show of force at the Tonopah test range. We all landed, and then focused on an elephant walk which included a flyover. After this, all units went home to their squadron assigned bases.

One more quick announcement before the pictures, @PilotMatt (now commander of the 92nd) was promoted to commander yesterday! Matt fills in former commander Rocco’s spot as Rocco was recently promoted to a higher position at GAF. Congratulations to both of you! We are looking forward to continuing to fly together.

Lots of pics for this one…

A full cargo ramp at KLSV after day 2.

An A10 screaming by 2 hercs with an F16 on approach to KLSV.

An A10 braking with two hercs in the pattern.

A C130 banking over KLSV with a raptor on short final.

C130s lined up prior to departure on day 3.

3 hercs performing an Eastbound bank

All aircraft performing an elephant walk as KTNX.

Elephant walk with a flyover!

A KC10 waits for departure with 3 C130s climbing.

Thanks to @Ash_Rand for providing AWACS support.
“C130s, formation is money!” -Ash


The fighter jet formation is sick

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Haha, Cheers to GAFUS and you guys for the invite! Great to use those resources in practice :)

And yep, those formations were very nice! Maybe 37 Squadron will have to have a 1v1 with the 2nd 🤣

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We’d love to see it. Tell them they’re welcome to come up anytime!

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Will do! And if you guys ever find yourself needing a nice holiday come say Hi :)

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It was a really nice training exercise. In fact, it was my first training exercise and my first elephant walk! Thanks to everyone who attended in the course of the three days. It was a one kind of experience.

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It was an amazing experience! Keep updated with everything in GAF to participate in more! I know we’ve got plenty of ideas up our sleeve!

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Was an awesome weekend with great people/pilots! @BostonStrongWill thank you for the kind words!

Hope we can get all squadrons back together soon! Was a lot of fun working with all of you!

Kudos to Rocco for putting this USGAF training event together!! Fun was had by all that attended and those that couldn’t missed out. There will be other opportunities in the near future if you couldn’t make this event. Great pictures by @BostonStrongWill !!!

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Thanks very much!

Our Trailer!!

The 2nd has posted their trailer! Go head over to our Instagram to check it out! This 3 and a half minute video highlights some of the best experiences and the most fun we’ve had in GAF over the past few months alongside our other USAF and Global allies. It’s truly been an honor to spend this weird time with all of you!

Our trailer was comprised of many parts, some strictly herc parts, some parts with F16s, KC10s, F22s and even C17s! These are all crucial aircraft in the USAF side of GAF! We filmed this video at numerous locations around the beautiful U.S of A! We filmed up at Long Island, at KFOK, all the way down south to KPOB, and out west to ‘Vegas at KLSV.

Participating Squadrons
It wasn’t just the 2nd… (although it was a lot of the time). We got to partner with out friends from the 92nd, 6th, 89th 27th and many more that I don’t have the time or memory to list… 😂. We even had EAF buddies using A10s in some of the clips. I’ll provide links to below to the video, more pictures, Instagram accounts and so on. We hope you’re all doing well and we have so much planned for the squadron in the upcoming days!

Other stuff
Our commander has reorganized our cargo system to now feature special airports for each week, these airports will be the focus of all cargo movements. In addition, we had a killer group flight on Friday between a couple commercial airports to show GAF’s strength and capabilities.
Holding short for departure at KMCO

A C130 filled ramp, loading up with precious cargo.

A line of aircraft down the entire taxiway… does it get any better than that?

2nd trailer here!!
2nd Instagram: https://instagram.com/2nd_aspopeafb?igshid=mfesqzpinrg9
The 92nds trailer here!!
92nd Instagram: https://instagram.com/virtual92ndars?igshid=1v5babgkfjo5g


Summer Fun
For the USAF, summer is our favorite part of the year! Frequent events, missions and other daily tasks keep us busy and flying with our friends on the daily. This past week, USAF put on a killer event for all squadrons to participate in. We traveled in the East Asia region, a region where the USAF has always shown dominance, we put on a show for all to see in the IFATC region of the day.

Departure out of RKSO
At RKSO, we put together an Elephant Walk. An elephant walk is a large formation of aircraft on the runway to put on a show of force for others to see.

Mid Flight
The inflight portion of the flight was amazing! We had all squadrons joining up for photo opportunities, and to practice formation flying. We had a total of 12 aircraft all joining together at various points! Here’s a shot of our C130s forming up.

After a lot of communication with the controller active, we were granted permission to put together formation approaches. The F22s headed us off, followed by the C17s and KC10s. After the C17s and KC10s, our hercs came together for a tight approach! We notified our controller @ToasterStroodie we were inbound and almost gave him a heart attack… it’s fun to be able to impress. Certainly another good week for USAF! Congrats to MajGen Larson on his huge promotion, congrats sir!

Anyways, here was the ramp at RJGG!

Hurricane Season!
Other than the great event, we’ve been called upon to head down to Texas to provide relief to the citizens near the affected regions of hurricane Hannah. In addition to SAR duties, we’ll be providing relief supplies a through air drops and LAPES runs.

Thanks for reading and have a good week everyone!


It was a great pleasure having you folks at RJGG! You all put on a great show for sure1

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