2nd Annual Fastest In The Land Racing Series

2nd Annual Fastest In The Land


Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, it has returned, the race that started all the controversy, all the anticipation, all the defeats until only one stood tall.

This year’s races will be more intense, require more endurance and be even more death-defying than last year.

Once all the dust has settled, who will take the Champion @UpgradeMe 's belt? A NEW Champion will be crowned!

So, without further ado, let’s get into this year’s criteria, rules, and aircraft that will be used.



This year’s races will see heats of four (4) pilots at a time.
Each prior to each race, every pilot will be issued qualifying instructions and will report back to race organizer (the_op). Cheaters will be instantly disqualified from the entire event
Brackets and race times will be issued one (1) week prior to a race.
All races will take place between 00:00Z - 02:022Z Saturdays (please ensure you’re able to commit to these times before applying to the event series.
A racer will have a 5-minute grace period to spawn into the race. Racers that do not enter the race on time, will receive a DQ and will be eliminated from the series.
Racers that do no submit qualifying times, will not be entered into the current race and will be eliminated from the series.
All races will end with a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place finish. There will be no timed events this year.
Racers that are disconnected from a race in progress will not be allowed additional retries in other brackets.
Scoring System Regular Series- 1st place: 5 points 2nd place 3 Points 3rd place: 1 Point
The top 10 pilots at the end of the series will enter the playoffs.
Playoffs: The plays offs will consist of all 10 racers. There will be 5 playoff races, with the championing accumulating the most points.
Scoring System Playoffs- A racer will acquire the number of points which will coincide with their position finished in that race. Maximum points are 50.
All races will be conducted on the casual server.

Criteria to Enter

There will be a maximum total of 50 racers.
In order to qualify, you must meet the following criteria;

  1. Request to enter series in this thread and submit the following within your request.
  2. Submit your stats page and meet the following:
    a. Grade 3
    b. 500+ landings
    c. have no more than 3 ghosts all time
    d. have no more than 50 violations in the past 12 months
    e. have more than 50,000 XP.

Sign Ups will CLOSE at 00:00Z 1 Nov 2018

Race Aircraft

All races will be completed with the Daher TBM 930 in either the Infinite Flight Dark or Light livery.


This years prize will consist of one (1) $25 iTunes or android gift card.
And the coveted FASTEST IN THE LAND title

An Icey Finish Awaits

The First 50
This race will be conducted on Nov 3, 00:00Z until 02:00Z
Casual Server


This race will take place at KASE, Aspen Airport, in Colorado. You will depart KASE using runway 33. You will fly NORTH through the valley eventually making a NORTHWEST bound turn for airports 7V4 and KGWS. You will make a figure 8 around these two airports. Once completed you will head NORTHEAST towards KEGE in which you will make another figure 8 around the SNOW VOR and RED VOR. Once complete you will circle around KEGE and begin heading towards KASE to finish.

The first pilot to cross the runway threshold for RWY 15 will be the winner.


You are required to follow the Flight plans on both the departure and arrival phases. You will make your departure flight plan and then connect it to the arrival portion so the judge can ensure you did not leave the area depicted.




The Race begins when you release breaks on the runway

Heat 1 @Gabe_Z (Start Finish Line Judge) @Pilot_urp (Race Track Judge)
Race Time 0030
@David_Beckett – 1
@SF34 – 2
@Balloonchaser – 3
@Maxim – 4

Heat 2 @HadenJohnson (Start Finish Line Judge) @Darpan (Race Track Judge)
Race Time 0100
@Scott.Paddon – 1
@AdamCallow – 2
@THE-OP – 3
@tomthetank – 4

Heat 3 @TheGreatPilots (Start Finish Line Judge @VAnuj (Race Track Judge)
Race Time 0130
@Dubya – 1
@Grady_Herbert – 2
@Trio – 3
@Brandon_K – 4

See your race start position next to your name You are to line up as shown in the example below.


Danger in the Valley Floors...

This event will start at 0000Z 26 Jan 2019 through 0200Z

This race takes us to the far east to fly through the beautiful Himalayas!

This race will test your piloting abilities to the maximum as you fly along the valley floor and mountain tops.

This track will require intense study and practice.



Departure Airport: VNKT
Arrival Airport: VNKT

Track Details:

You will copy and paste the following flight plan into your FP area on IF.

VNKT 2749n/8534e 2747n/8534e 2744n/8536e 2743n/8538e

The race will begin on RWY 02, you will depart and follow the flight plan into the mountains and the valley down below. This will be a TWO (2) lap race. As you can see, the flight plan ends, you will make a full vertical loop returning to the valley floor and completing the track in reverse. As you near the airport on the track, you will see the PAPI’s for RWY 20, you will fly directly over those PAPI’s and complete another full vertical loop and complete the track again, ending back at VNKT.

PAPI’s coming over the mountain on return to airport

As you get closer, the PAPI’s again

Mountain Valley you will be flying through, Google Earth

Live Flight Flight Path

KLM Flight Path


CAUTION Due to the way IF does coordinates, the FP will not be exactly over the valley. You must take time prior to the race to become familiar with the track. The photos below illustrate the distance.


In the Valley

Here is one lap around the track, you will not get a flying start though.


Now for the rules.

This is a two-lap race, from the starting point until the end of the FP, back to the airport over the PAPI’s for RWY 20, complete the track again. You will turn around each time make a full verticle loop (straight up and over).

You will remain the following feet AGL:
Between the airport and mountain range: NO MORE THAN 250ft AGL.
Crossing mountain tops, NO MORE THAN 500ft AGL
Flying in the Valley, NO MORE THAN 250ft AGL.

You will be very close to the ground at all phases of this race and may encounter the following:


During the race, you will enter and exit the valley on the EAST side of the FP. At no point shall your plan cross over to the WEST side.

To and from the valley, you may be North or South of the FP line, but must be within 1 1/2 wing lengths on the map on the last zoom setting showing the fixes.

Heat One

Heat Two

Heat Three

Race 3



@UpgradeMe - Current Champion – OUT
@THE-OP 4 points
@David_Beckett 4 points
@tomthetank 3 points
@SF34 0 points
@Dubya 5 points
@Balloonchaser 4 points
@Grady_Herbert 3 points
@Maxim 3 points
@Trio 5 points
@Scott.Paddon 0 points
@Brandon_K 2 points
@AdamCallow 5 points



Judge responsibilities:
Judges will be responsible for the recording the following during their assigned race
1. Start Time (in Zulu)
2. Finish Time (in Zulu)
3. Racers finished position
Judges will also ensure course accuracy, judges will be required to enter race Flight Plan and ensure each racer remains within the designated course.
Judges will screenshot any perceived race violations (leaving the course, taking shortcuts, etc.)
Judges will forward perceived violation to race organizer (the op)
Judges will screenshot when each pilot crosses the finish line and forward to race organizer.

Judges will not post any photos within this thread.

Judges will be given a selection of races to choose from.

Fastest in the Land Banner provided by @Trio


I can be judge but let me read first.

I’ll be a judge if you’d like
I meet the criteria for the racer btw so I can race but I’d rather be a judge

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How many judge limited we can get?

Unfortunately I am short of the XP requirement by 267157 points (I never do long hauls).


I triple checked for errors and there is one, 50,000 XP, fixing now


Oh, this is going to be fun and interesting!

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I did think 500,000 was rather high.


Wait so does the winner get @UpgradeMe’s title and he loses it or does the winner only get the $25 gift card

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Urp and @Gabe_Z

I will have a better idea of how many I need once sign ups end.

I can guesstimate around 10.

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You will get the title as well, will add to prize

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Just to make sure, @UpgradeMe will lose the title unless he wins again, correct?

I might as well enter this. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

That is correct, updated.


Please provide the criteria screenshot.

Here it is:

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Put me in coach


I am looking to be a judge. Contact me I na dm so we can talk about it @THE-OP

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I would love to judge! (I can’t fly the TBM at all…) contact when you want to @THE-OP!


Tons of spots still empty on the roster!

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