2JUN21 / 1800z - European City-Exchange @LSZH, @EDDM [Cancelled]

Hello and welcome to this event hosted by IFATC´s Europe-west region, this week we will take a look at a connection between two major European cities: Munich (EDDM) and Zurich (LSZH) whilst enjoying Munichs 3D Buildings. This event will cover the entire route with IFATC services from gate to gate including Centre and offering you a swift departure and arrival into the featured airports.

1800z - 1930z
Wed. 2nd of June
Expert Server

Where will the Event take place?

This Event will take place at both Zurich (LSZH/ZRH) and Munich (EDDM/MUC). It is entirely up to you which of the two you depart or land at. Both airports will be fully staffed with Approach/Departure, Centre and Local control.

When will the Event take place?

The Event will take place from 1800z-1930z 2021-06-02T18:00:00Z2021-06-02T19:30:00Z
This ensures that you can fly both the inbound and outbound leg to Zurich/Munich. With a flight time of roughly 45mins you can simply park up at your destination, offload your passengers and fly the return.

Which frequencies will be staffed?

To give you the best and most realistic flight experience, we intend to staff the entire route, however this is subject to change due to controller availability. Below you can find a list of controllers that have signed up to take control of this event.

Zurich (LSZH)

Position Frequencie 1800z-1830z 1830z-1900z 1900z-1930z
Atis 125.72
Ground 121.90
Tower 118.10
Approach 118.00
Departure 125.95


Position Frequencie 1800z-1830z 1830z-1900z 1900z-1930z
Munchen FIR 127.00 @Siddhansh @Siddhansh @Siddhansh
(Langen FIR) 128.00
Switzerland FIR 129.00 @Siddhansh @Siddhansh @Siddhansh

Munich (EDDM)

Position Frequencie 1800z-1830z 1830z-1900z 1900z-1930z
Atis 123.12 @Fedex @Fedex @Fedex
Ground 121.70 @Fedex @Fedex @Fedex
Approach 120.77

Please note that these are only staffing intentions, the first come first serve basis for taking and opening ATC frequencies still applies.

How can I sign up as a controller?

If you´re an IFATC controller, you can message or tag me via our Discord workspace or here on the forum. Please include which frequency you would like to staff for which time slot. If you signed up and your availability changes please let me know as soon as possible so we can try and find a replacement for your position.

Stand-by List

Controllers on Stand-by:

Pilot Information:

This route is currently operated by a Lufthansa Cityline CRJ-900 3 times a day, however I can also recommend the Lufthansa and Swiss Airbus A319 for this flight.
Below you can find flightplans in the .fpl format for every runway configuration:


FlightPlan_LSZH_EDDM.fpl (6.1 KB)


FlightPlan_MSE_LSZH.fpl (5.3 KB)


FlightPlan_LSZH_EDDM (1).fpl (7.4 KB)


FlightPlan_EDDM_LSZH.fpl (7.2 KB)

Pilot attendance:

Let us know if you´re flying in or out of the featured airports to be signed up below! Obviously we encourage eveyone to take part however tracking the intention of attending the event will give us a better idea of what traffic levels we can expect.

We look forward to seeing you out in Munich and Zurich, if you have any questions, concerns or ideas feel free to let us know below! See you in the sky on wednesday.


I can staff GTS from 1900Z to 1930Z at EDDM if you want

I’d like to join! I would like to fly out of Munich!

I’d like to join! I’ll do both the inbound and outbound legs out of Munich!

I would like to join, flying out of Munich. I would like to do both legs, outbound and inbound :)

Awesome! I’ve signed you all up.

I forgot to mention before but I would also like to do both the inbound and outbound legs.

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Controller turnout is looking good so far. Only a few positions left!

Take them before they’re gone. :)

me also! See you then :D

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I’ll try to be there, Swiss229, outbound from Zurich 😊

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Hey @Flying_Pencil,

I’ve will unfortunately not have the time to come due to a life unforeseen, i’m really sorry.

I hope you understand.

Have a good evening.

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Sadly this event has been cancelled due to not enough Controllers being able to join. I would like to thank everyone that signed up to join and hope that we can fully staff the next event!

Thank you for understanding!


I’m there anyway ✈️💪🏻

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