2JUN20 / 1900Z - From the down under to the Middle East - @YPPH to OJAI

WELCOME to my first group flight

This is my first group flight so Hope you enjoy so we all know that IFATC will be in OJAI so I am doing this group flight so we can enjoy this long haul and have fun


Aircraft and Livery: B787 Royal Jordanian


Time of Departure: 1900Z

Server: EXPERT

Make sure you have enough fuel for this flight

Flight plan : copied of BritishAirways001
Flight time is around 12 - 15 hours

Thanks and hope to see you join

I would like to see people join this flight

Give people some time… their schedules might not be compatible with yours. :)

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I would be happy if one persons could at least come

Trust me, if somebody wants to come, they will. :]


Alright the group flight starts now I will wait for anyone 5-10 min if anybody does

Alright I have started the group flight

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