@2DEC23 || Cluj-Napoca Fly-out!

Cluj-Napoca Fly-out

Cluj-Napoca is a beautiful City in Romania,Transylvania,with 300.780 population with the most people from Hungary !

The Airport is not very biggest but also,Cluj-Napoca Airport Avram Iancu have 65 + destinations in europe.Now you can fly to Dublin from Cluj-Napoca

Terminal Apron 1

Gate 01

Gate 02

Gate 03

Gate 04

Gate 05

Gate 06

Gate 07

Gate 08

Gate 09

Terminal Apron 2

Gate 10

Gate 11

Gate 12

Gate 13

Gate 14 A318 Tarom Bucharest @Cristian_Buzoianu

Gate 15

Gate 16

Gate 17

Gate 18


ATC Tower: N/A

ATC Ground: N/A

ATC Atis: N/A

ATC Center: N/A

ATC Departure: N/A

ATC Approach: N/A

*Destinations in Europe from Cluj-Napoca Airport Avram Iancu *

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