2D terminals are here!

Be greatful that you have jetbridges

They don’t add anything though. Its about the flight, not the parking.

It’s a step farward

I understand that jetways structures are there in real life… however, unless I am mistaken, they are not contoured by white markings on the ground in real life.

I understand the eagerness to add more details to airports but this kind of trick can be dangerous:

  • It adds more complexity to the markings which can degrade performances significantly on some devices (or crash). We are already seeing significant issues due to the huge amount of markings ppl have been adding (thank you!) so we have to be extra careful here.
  • It will add a precedent that might confuse future airport contributors into doing the same (wrong) thing.
  • Even if it seem “easy” to revert now, it will be a major pain in the future if this catch on and we have to go back and fix all airports

Only markings that exist on the ground IRL should be added and only the ones that have a paint style that is defined in the editor (“Double Yellow”, “Widely Separated Double Yellow”, etc…). In doubt, don’t add the marking or ask me or @carmalonso if it is a type of marking that is ok to add.

Hope this clarify a few things.

ps: moving this discussion to the developer category.


I get what you mean now. You mean to only do objects which are marked into the ground rather than objects used on the ground.

Another question, Do you encourage us to redo an airport like EGLC (with a lot of detail) with white lines ?


EGLC needs a redo. It would be great if you could do it.

You mean to only do objects which are marked into the ground rather than objects used on the ground.

Not sure why you are talking about “objects” here. There are only 2 things we need for now: proper pavement (with correct surface) and markings (with correct style).

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Objects mean like what we have on the taxiway/runway - Taxi Lines, White lines, Roadways etc.

Is it necessary to do roads in an airport? (roads which connect terminals, etc.)

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Internal roads can be drawn. External ones - no.

Ok I am going to go back into ALL of my airports and Delete ALL of the jetbridges as @philippe suggests. Thank you @Makeaflightforfun for getting everyone upset. Now I will be taking a break from airport editing maybe for a long time.




That was the best part about airports. What are we doing for jetbridges now?

In real world these markings are red.

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okay, I’ll start deleting them from my airports too. Order 66 has been given @Kilt_McHaggis ;)

Yes, but those are usually a red hatched region. Those shouldn’t be created with lines. We will figure out a way to have those later down the road.

I also noticed a bunch of hold short markings (in KLAX for example between 6L and 6R that have been edited (re-edited??) as 3 lines (2 yellow + a white line in the middle). This needs to go and be replaced by a single line with the proper style set.

If you are an airport contributor and are seeing this, please do not try to emulate line styles with a creative use of yellow and white lines (the only style we can render for now). Lines need to have the proper style set (as it was originally in most files).

Sorry to be pedantic here but this is important for an upcoming new feature :)


LAX has been dealt with :)