2D terminals are here!

I just got the update with the 2D terminals, they look great!


i had to look into the image, i thought it was the same but it isnt :), looks nice.

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They already have 2D at Birmingham


I know, they update more airports with them

Yuppety yup

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It looks the same lol were the actual gates

I also wanted to add, the tower view looks way to high

I love that it makes it so easier to navigate airports, especially the ones you’re very familiar with.

Give great thanks to @Kilt_McHaggis for his job!

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Unfortunately I wouldn’t get used to those … AFAIK they are not supposed to be there. We want only real markings.

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They are real markings I suppose.

If on the real airport, those are markings, then perhaps, if not…


The buildings are static but the jetways aren’t. The transparent Jetways are real

Not sure what you mean by “transparent Jetways are real”. Markings should only be added for actual markings that are present in the real airport, not to contour jet bridges.

If there is an actual white (or yellow) marking on the real airport ground located under the jet bridge then it is fine, otherwise this needs to go.

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The jetways which are transparent in the simulator are present in real life - Hope you understand :)

I don’t know what to say lol. I’m just a basic airport editor. Talk to @carmalonso or @Kilt_McHaggis or @Jonathan . Sorry philippe

What I seen the markings are deferent airports to airports. Won’t be same layout throughout.

Yes but jetways is something we will add in a different way in the future. We don’t want to use taxiway markings to represent them since it will can affect performance and make it more difficult for us in the future.

To reiterate, markings should only be added if they exist on the ground in the real airport. Also only supported markings should be added. “Hatched” sections, arrows (like in the blastpad), shouldn’t be created using lines (at least until further notice).

Not doing so can have dramatic performance issues and result to many unwanted crashes.

We are currently improving our marking system but for now it is important to keep things simple.

@carmalonso should know all of what I mention above.


I’ll try to make things clearer…

Those jetways above are there in real life. They are always drawn with solid white lines with asphalt fill, the same as the buildings.

Because of the possibilities in the future you have mentioned @Kilt_McHaggis is using a very neat trick. He is creating the jetways separately that “snap” onto the buildings and are all in a folder. This folder where all the jetways are can be easily deleted when the possibilities mentioned above become available.

However Kilt does not cut a hole in the concrete for these because they would have to be filled in eventually. A problem that IF has, is that it is bias to make concrete the top layer most of the time…

This is what the picture above shows.

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I appreciate the effort this probably took for such minimal gains in the experience. I would trade every building line and jetbridge for some taxi-way lights and proper papi lights