2D Airport gates?


Can you guys please add more of thse at airports like ksan and klax or kjfk? It give it a very small but good feeling that your actually at a gate and airport. Btw you guys did an amazing job on This airport.


Oh yes! It looks awesome - please add this!


Birmingham in the London region is similar :)

Ops, for some reason I was thinking this was Canberra :D

Anyway, rather than improve airports, they should rework others… Look at this:


It is its in the game rn haga thats an actual pic


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Doing this is a very difficult and time consuming job, Eventually we all can hope all airports are done.

Note that the Airport editing Team is a Small Team

Airport Layout on HUD

No. I see why though because if you load up this airport and twxi around youll relize that is so damn detailed. And thats a smallish airport. So think about how long itd thake to do that 10x more bigger at like lax or jfk. I hope they add them to the rest at some point


Oh ok, sucks wish i could do stuff to help. I loved aditing and makeing airports up to date on fsx airport design editor.


Sorry, is it available in Birmingham or have you made the photo?
Are there any other airports where it is available?


We made a decision to not add jetways in form of asphalt taxiways, because it would have to be removed once technology progresses and the devs decide to add 3D buildings. This was a test airport to see what people thought of it, but the original editor of this airport agreed to removing these fake jetways once real jetways are implemented (probably with 3D buildings).

As far as the detailed airports go, we’re working on it. We have less than a dozen editors that work on airports so it’s not like it’s just a matter of flipping a few switches. However, we strive to make airport quality as good as airports like this one.


@Sean_Anthony_99 if you’re interested in helping, let me know! I’ll get you set up :)


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Birmingham UK


I like the general layout changes. Some of the yellow lines would look great with straight lines. Does the graphics program used to create these features support straight line tools or is it all free hand? It is easy to criticize however I am not familiar with the editing tools and how accurate they are. I have experience in 3d solid modeling and would be willing to help if needed.


Holy cow that is amazing 😳!

Yes please I would love those at LGA JFK.


Swang I would be willing to guess that most players here would love to have those air bridges etched out at least in Bravo class airports. If 3d buildings are to be built in top then they would just be replaced at the time the developers eventually get round to updating. I would guess if you asked/ polled your customer what they would like the majority would be in favor as it adds more realism to the app. In my opinion it can be bad to make decisions without involving the Voice of the Customer. I would strongly recommend reversing the decision that was made! This is not a criticism but a suggestion. BTW so live within 50 miles of Austin TX 😀


Cameron I am a professional engineer with experience in 3D solid modeling. If I can help I will. I’m the Excel guru with lack of web app/ Java skills.


@MarshallRotar @Kilt_McHaggis and anyone else interested - Message me if you’re interested and I’ll help you get setup :)

@Kilt_McHaggis our editor supports straight lines (lines are made with “points” - if there are just two points there will be a straight line, with more points the accuracy is lost).
In regard to airbridges, I understand that some people would like to have them, however we wish to stick to drawing main features of an airfield (including representations of static buildings with different surfaced taxiways and white borders). Jet bridges aren’t easy to represent since they are not static, and we wish to prevent them from being added now, else the workload will be much greater at a time when buildings are added to remove them.
I hope you understand my position on this; please let me know if you’re interested in helping, we’d love to have you on the team! :)


Yes please sign me up. I’m running a windows i7 and have Visio if needed.