2APR22 / 1900Z - Burbank Madness! @ KBUR

Due to the release of the all new Avelo 737 livery, I think it’s time we have an event at their main hub! Let’s have some fun filling up Burbank in this event! Hope to see y’all there! 😉🎉

Server: Expert Server

Airport: KBUR (Burbank)

Time: 1900Z 2022-04-02T18:00:00Z2022-04-02T19:00:00Z

To book a gate, please reply with a gate of your choice. You may park at any available gate suitable for your aircraft.

KBUR - KSTS | Avelo 737-800 @MadsVonGas
KBUR - KACV | Avelo 737-800 @skye @Avaitor1
KBUR - KRDD | Avelo 737-800 @Aaron_pilotx1
KBUR - KLAS | Avelo 737-800 @CaptainAli_yt
KBUR - KFNL | Avelo 737-800
KBUR - KPSC | Avelo 737-800
KBUR - KBZN | Avelo 737-800 @plane_guy12
KBUR - KOGD | Avelo 737-800 @Deltadev13
KBUR - KMFR | Avelo 737-800 @AIDAN101
KBUR - KEUG | Avelo 737-800 @Southwest_2115
KBUR - KRDM | Avelo 737-800 @Oregon001
KBUR - KPVU | Avelo 737-800
Other Airlines
KBUR - KJFK | JetBlue A321
KBUR - KSEA | Alaska 737-900
KBUR - KAUS | Southwest 737-800
KBUR - KDFW | American A320 @RyMan
KBUR - KMDW | Southwest 737-800
KBUR - KBNA | Southwest 737-800
KBUR - KHOU | Southwest 737-800
KBUR - KDEN | Frontier A320
KBUR - KLAS | Spirit A320 @Connor.CHARLES
KBUR - KSLC | Delta A320
KBUR - KABQ | Southwest 737-800
KBUR - KDAL | Southwest 737-800

Thanks to @AveloAirVirtual for sponsoring this event! Check out their awesome thread, and join them using the link below! 🎉

Avelo Air Virtual - IFC Thread


Would Really like This route! Thank you. Can’t wait for the event!

See you there! Thanks for signing up!

I will join as the ATC

Awesome! Thank you!

Do you think I can go with @skye to KSTS with Avelo. IF yes then sign a gate for me next to him if you could! Thanks. If not, then just give me KLAS.(If you could add it in for me)

I can give you KSTS, you’d just have to spawn at another gate :)

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Ig I would spawn next to you then!

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Could I get KPVU please

Sure! You’re signed up!

You know what I am so sorry but would you mind if I go to KACV with you??

Sure, no problem :)

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Thank you so much!! :)

On what day is the 2nd?

If it’s on Saturday or Sunday, I’ll go with

KBUR - KMFR | Avelo 737-800

Id like to fly this route!

It’s on Saturday :)

Sure I’ll sign you up!

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Alrighty! You’re signed up!

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I’ll take this one!

Sure! You’re signed up!

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I’ll take KBUR-KEUG for Avelo B738