29SEP2022/1200Z/ The Huge Infinite Flight Group Event

Hi Guys Welcome to Infinite Flight Huge Group Event in this event we have 5 groups to have flights today but I’m going to this group i hope you are happy to this event Flight!!!

Group 1

Pilot Aircraft. Airlines. Destination
@zykejohn09 A220. Egyptair. Cairo
@Butter575 A220. Egyptair. Cairo
@United403 A220. Egyptair. Cairo
@AmericanB772 A220. Egyptair. Cairo
@Pilot_Fish123 A220. Egyptair. Cairo
@VH-OEJ_747 A220. Egyptair. Cairo

Airport: Larnaca International Airport, Cyprus🇨🇾

Tommorow we update the Group 2 Flights

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@zykejohn09 what are the group flights?

Could you provide more information on this event e.g server, place, any NOTAMS and more background information on the event as well.

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Why was I added?

Grouo Flight will be have to flight our group

Can you please stop adding us to events we didn’t sign up for!

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Ok anyway!!

When is this? And why am I added?

Yes and why?

No one has signed up for this, so why did you add us again?

I said this to you on a previous event, thankfully this time I was not the one added, but you were told by a moderator that you can not add people unless they sign up. Please stop doing this!


I didn’t sign up so why did you add me?

We didn’t sign up that’s why!

What time is this? There isn’t much info

Sorry i flagged the event

Please don’t do this again

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Sorry anyway I got scared

There’s no need for that. Let people sign up at their discretion


This is the second time you have done this, I am sure if you keep doing this at some point you will just be dropped back to TL1 so you can not make events.


Sorry guys because i didn’t know you are not sign up yet