29SEP20 / TBA - C172 Groupflight @ KROA - KJGG

Aircraft: C172 Any livery
Route: TBC. This is just an expression of interest.
Time: TBC
Server: preferably expert. TBC

As mentioned above, this is just an expression of interest. I want to know if people would be willing to fly in a formation. If you are interested, please comment or pm me and we can create a date.

if this is the wrong topic, please let me know. I wasn’t sure if it was #general, #live or #live:groupflights.

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If you want to fly in a formation you still need to have an airport (or two) in the title. Even though you will just by flying around. (I think you need the airport codes still, but who knows I’m rarely correct 😂)

I’m not too sure what location to choose tbh 😂. I’ll just leave it the way it is until I get a request for a change.


I flew it IRL and is such a fun route!

Alrighty then! If you don’t mind, I will borrow that route!

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