29SEP20 / 2000Z - Cross Country Flight @ KEWR to KSFO

KEWR - KSFO United 777-200 or any airline that preforms that route

Time of Departure: 2000 Zulu

Server: Expert Server

Cruising Altitude: FL350

Additional Information: I will post my flight plan right before the event starts. Please respect ATC if they are on. I’m not responsible for any violations or reports. If you have any questions contact me at @A320_Flyerboy19

This looks like fun but why is the time of departure 4 hours before the event says it will start on the title?

Sorry just fixed that

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Oh sorry about this. Group flights must happen 3 hours to 10 minutes after it is posted. Check this out for more information. About The GroupFlights Category
So either this needs to be closed or the date changed. Also the time needs to be changed.

like @IF787 said 16:00Z has already passed.

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Um… 1600Z has already passed…

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Please read this. Flights must be posted a MAXIMUM of three hours before the flight About The GroupFlights Category

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Please read the authors title the flight is on october second; it has not passed! idc abt the rules abt when you can post these topics but I will be active ATC upon your arrival into sfo! Have a good flight

Well since its a group flight, max time is 3 hrs between post and flight, so I assumed the OP meant today

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Air traffic control will not be there today because they are in France today, according to the schedule

OP request