29OCT22 / 1000Z & 29OCT22 / 1900Z - Special 300 Subscriber Virtual Plane Spotting @LATI

300 Subscriber Special Virtual Plane Spotting Event in Tirana Nënë Tereza | Expert Server

                                Get To know me

Hello, im Paolo also known as British Avitor on Youtube. I am 14 years old and i live in the UK. my hobby is to fly planes, planespot and football. My favourite aircraft and airline must be the Singapore Airlines A350-900, i fell in love with it when i first flew it. I have grown very much on Youtube in the past weeks. I am 1/3 of my way to 1000 subscribers. I will be making this Event into a realisitc Planespotting video on my Youtube channel. So i would really appreciate if some people would come along and fly in or out. Thats all from me now lets get into the info of the event.

YouTube Channel

^This Is my Youtube channel for anyone wondering^

Spotting Schedule

Wave 1


Wave 2


ATC Controllers

(Atis) (Ground) (Tower) (Approach) (Departure)
@cole_wilkie @cole_wilkie @cole_wilkie


  • Make sure to spawn in 10-15 mins prior to departure. Pushbacks will begin upon the event begining, make sure to spawn at correct gates as to avoid altercations.
  • If ATC is not present, make sure to use UNICOM proffesionaly and follow all rules of ATC server
  • Make sure to use ATC properly and BE PATIENT with ATC
  • Maintain Proffesionalism and realism at all times
  • *We DO NOT take responsibility for any violations. You may try and appeal by messaging @appeals

If you cant figuire out what flight you want just click this link below, it’ll show all flights from and to diffrent airports.

Flight requesting Format

(Gate) |(Flight Number)|(Departure Airport (ICAO)|(Aircraft)|(Airline)|

Arrival Wave 1
(Gate) (Flight Number) (Departure Airport (ICAO) (Aircraft) (Airline) Username
Gate 1 OS845 Vienna (LOWW) A320 Austrian Airlines @Apple_Haye
Gate 2 PC7183 Istanbul (LTFJ) B737-800 Pegasus Airlines @Parker-Jin
Gate 5
Gate 6
Gate 9
Gate 10
Gate 13
Gate 14
Arrival Wave 2
(Gate) (Flight Number) (Departure Airport (ICAO) (Aircraft) (Airline) Username
Gate 3 5W7091 Abu Dhabi (OMAA) A321-200 WizzAir @Cpt.Ace
Gate 4 BA2650 London Heathrow (EGLL) A320-000 British Airways @Anne_Honeyball
Gate 7 RA-1720R Belgrade (LYBE) E175 Tulip-Private @Rastko_Roza
Gate 8 W66602 Bari (LIBD) A321 Wizz Air @NvAviator
Gate 11 LH1424 Frankfurt (EDDF) A320 Lufthansa @Aerodyne
Gate 12
Gate 15 AZ510 Rome (LIRF) E175 ITA Airways @Andrew_B
Gate 16 W66606 Catania (LICC) A321 Wizzair @chazdawg8819
Gate 17 U26402 London Gatwick (EGKK) A320-200 EasyJet @Plane_Aviator

Requesting Format

(Gate) |(Flight Number)|(Arrival Airport (ICAO)|(Aircraft)|(Airline)|

Departure Wave 1
(Gate) (Flight Number) (Arrival Airport (ICAO) (Aircraft) (Airline) Username
Gate 1 OS846 Vienna (LOWW) A320 Austrian Airlines @Apple_Haye
Gate 3 BA2649 London Heathrow (EGLL) A320-200 British Airways @FlyingWizard20
Gate 4
Gate 7
Gate 8
Gate 11 LH1425 Frankfurt (EDDF) A320 Lufthansa @Aerodyne
Gate 12
Gate 15
Gate 16 ZB6001 London Stansted (EGSS) A319 AirAlbania @Anne_Honeyball
Gate 17 ZB6001 (London Stansted (EGSS) A319 AirAlbania @Plane_Aviator
Departure Wave 2
(Gate) (Flight Number) (Arrival Airport (ICAO) (Aircraft) (Airline) Username
Gate 1 W63857 Rome (LIRF) A321 Wizzair @Butter575
Gate 2 5W7092 Abu Dhabi (OMAA) A321 Wizzair @NvAviator
Gate 5 TB2973 Rhodes (LGRP) 737-800 TUI @Fletcher_Jacobs
Gate 6
Gate 9
Gate 10 FZ746 Dubai (OMDB) B737-800 Fly Dubai @Andrew_B
Gate 13
Gate 14



Can i please have the Following for Arrivals Wave 2:

Gate 3| 5W7091| Abu Dhabi (OMAA)| A321-200 (WizzAir)

Can I arrvie in from Doha in IDK what wave yet so I will tell

Ok i will keep you on my mind when you know tell me what date :)

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Your signd up

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Ok will do I may also takeoff to YYZ if possible

I would like to keep this video as realistic as possible so may you please check the flightradar and pick one flight :)

Can I please have the following for arrivals wave 2:
Gate 4| BA2650| London Heathrow (EGLL)|
a320-200| (British airways)

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welcome to the IFC robbie!

thanks bro!

Welcome to the IFC 😀 I have signed you up

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Thank you 😀

OS845 A321-200 LOWW

OS846 A321-200 LOWW

Which wave and arrival or departure?

Arrival 1 for gate one.

Departure 1 for gate 3

And then I just need to do the wave 2 arrival because I’m doing turns so.

so youd like arriving from vienna Gate 1 and departing vienna gate 3?

id suggest Athens - Tirana - Athens

Can I do gate 1 for both of them and I would love to do Austrian as I have done that route before and i have flown to Athens a lot of times.