29NOV20. 2100Z. Trans-Australian Flight @YBCS - YPPH

Welcome to the Trans-Australian Group Flight!

Airline: Jetstar

Aircraft: Airbus A320-200

Server: Expert

Departure Airport: Cairns International Airport YBCS
Departure time: 21:00Z / 7:00am AEST

Arrival Airport: Perth International Airport YPPH
Arrival time: 01:00Z / 9am AWST

Altitude: FL360 / 36,000ft

Flight time: 4 hours

Jetstar Airways Australia is Australia’s premier LCC airline.This beautiful flight in a Jetstar Airbus will take you across the heart of Australia, departing from the tropical city of Cairns, look out for the Great Barrier Reef as you depart. Flying southwest at an altitude of 36,000ft. You will pass over the barren and remote Australian desert. Keep an eye out for the famous Uluru. Descending over Western Australia, you will be able to see the bustling city of Perth. Touchdown time at Perth will be approximately 9am Australian Western Standard Time.

Enter route below or copy @Carloslikesplanes23
GUNGN set alt 6500ft

Climbing Speed:

                       250kts below 10,000ft

                       345kts until 28,000ft

                       M 0.85 above 28,000

Cruise Speed:

                       M 0.85

Descent speed:

                     M 0.85 above 28,000

                     345kts below 28,000

                     240kts below 18,000 

                     Pilot’s discretion below 10,000

Vertical speed climb: 2500fpm

Vertical Speed descent: Use VNAV to descend

When taking off on runway 15, pilots must turn left immediately after departure. Turn on LNAV after passing 350ft msl. When taking off from runway 33. Pilots should engage LNAV after passing 600ft msl. Aircraft should wait 15 seconds while holding short for aircraft on runway to takeoff and depart.

Use LNAV while cruising. Aircraft should give each over 7nm of spacing as each aircraft will be using the same route.

Descend using VNAV and maintain course using LNAV. When reaching GUNGN waypoint turn off LNAV, VNAV and fly the approach of your choice to either runway 03 or 21 depending on weather conditions. Use the active runway for landing and give appropriate spacing to other aircraft. Aircraft will park at the Terminal 1 gates. Find a free gate and park up.

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Gates at a Cairns International:

  • ”international” gates will be regarded as domestic gates for this flight

Gate 22 domestic:
Gate 21 domestic:
Gate 20 domestic:
Gate 19 domestic:
Gate 18 domestic:
Stand 14 domestic:
Stand 12 domestic:
Stand 10 international:
Stand 09 international:
Stand 08 international:
Stand 07 international:
Gate 06 International:
Gate 05 international:
Gate 04 international:
Gate 03 international:
Gate 02 international:
Gate 01 international:

Event hosted by @Carloslikesplanes23
Don’t hesitate to PM if you have any questions
Kind Regards
Carlos Moroney

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