29NOV20 / 2100Z The Capital Flyout @CYOW [CANCELLED]

Welcome to the Capital Flyout!

A little bit about Ottowa:

This is a VirtualPorter sponsored event!
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The event will take place on the Expert Server.
The event will take place at 2100Z

Airline Aircraft Gate Destination Pilot
Air Canada E175 Gate 19 CYOW
WestJet Q-400 Gate 21 CYOW
Air Canada CRJ-900 Gate 23 CYUL
Air Canada CRJ-900 Gate 25 CYUL
Air Canada E175 Gate 28 KJFK
Air Canada E175 Gate 26 KJFK
Porter Q400 Gate 24 CYSJ
Porter Q400 Gate 22 KMLB
Porter Q400 Gate 20 CYFC
Porter Q400 Gate 18 CYHZ
Porter Q400 Gate 17 CYQM @Sam73628
Porter Q400 Gate 16 KACK @DeltaFox
Porter Q400 Gate 15 CYTZ
Air Canada A319 Gate 14 CYYC @Butter1
Air Canada E175 Gate 13 CYOW
Porter Q400 Gate 11 CYHZ
Porter Q400 Gate 4 CYFC

Lots of GA gates, will be added upon request!
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Hope to see you there!


this gate please!

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Sure thing!

This event is now sponsored by VirtualPorter!

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Gate 13 air canda plz

Sure thing!

Correction gate 14

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Fixed it!

Let’s get some more signups!

Let’s get some more signups!

Gate 17 for me please

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You got it!

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Let’s get some more signups!!

One week until the event! It’s not too late to grab a gate!

Event is today! It’s not too late to grab a gate!

Event is CANCELLED. sorry to everyone that wanted to join.