29NOV20 / 0400Z - Up for a challenge?! IndiGo Charter Flight to Bhutan! @ VIDP - VQPR [Canceled]

Its 9 PM eastern American time.

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Buddy can you update the date and time in the title of the event as it’s confusing for everyone. Cheers

ok will do

In ZULU time its Correct.

I may join also here is the time if you want to post it 2020-11-29T02:00:00Z


Its posted!

Approximately one day until departure. Updates about FLP will be posted tonight.

@Errigal @Stellar_G @CaptainSooraj @FlightGT @CaptJJ @Marcel001 @IndiGo_Virtual @Noodle_Duck @RadarVectors_Mumbai @sanketpandia @Captainflight @AirIndiaVirtual2

About one day left to go until we lift off. Please read the procedure and FLP for the event. This also includes gate info, Terminal 2. Hope all who celebrate Thanksgiving had a memorable one. Event organizer, Jake


Changed the Zulu time to the correct Zulu it will be approximately 11PM EST time and approximately 9 AM in India.

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i don’t remember signing up, because i cant make it on that day

All good just seeing who can make it!

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I would’ve joined , but I can’t since my exam starts at 10 Am IST .

I couldn’t attend. Sorry.

Why am I tagged? I wasn’t attending 😂 Anyway good luck with the event weaving in and out of the Bhutanese Himalayas! Good luck! Also way too late for me anyway.

Just confirming as I’m on the other side of the world so I’m not too sure,
is the event on zulu 16:00 due in 3 hours time?

Hey I think I may not be able to make it

400Z time @Captainflight @CaptJJ

Its now right?

@Jake_Rogers. you mean 0400 Zulu I cant make it then

All good I hope someone joins at 0400 Zulu