29MAY21 / 1830z - Excitement in Eindhoven @EHEH

Welcome to this event hosted by IFATC´s Europe-west region, this week we will explore Eindhoven Airport also known as EHEH whilst offering you full coverage so you can plan your arrival and/or departure with the presence of IFATC. All information that might be useful can be found below:

Eindhoven (EHEH)
1830z - 2100z
Sat 29th of March
Expert Server

Where will the Event take place?

This event will take place at Eindhoven Airport (EHEH/EIN) on the Expert Server. Along with the correlating approach frequencies, we also intend to staff the surrounding center frequencies to ensure a smooth and fully covered arrival/departure.

When will the Event take place?

Controllers intend to staff the airport from 1830z to 2100z 2021-05-29T18:30:00Z2021-05-29T21:00:00Z, this guarantees two and a half hours of full atc coverage.

Which frequencies will be staffed?

In a pursuit to encourage realistic airport operations, we will try and staff, both an Initial and Final approach frequency. If this is not possible due to controller availability, we will simply open a single approach frequency, more information will be available in the ATIS during the event.

Position Frequencie 1830z-2000z 2000z-2100z
Atis 126.02 @Haribo @FrancescoM
Ground 121.92 @Haribo @FrancescoM
Tower 122.10 @Cpt_Steph @Fedex
Initial-Approach 132.50 @Flying_Pencil @Flying_Pencil
Final Approach 124.50 @StefH @StefH
Amsterdam FIR 127.00 @DannyHL @Flying_Pencil
Brussels FIR 128.00 @DannyHL @Flying_Pencil
Langen FIR 129.00
Bremen FIR 127.00

Please note that these are only staffing intentions, the first come first serve basis for taking and opening ATC frequencies still applies.

How can I sign up as a controller?

If you´re an IFATC controller, you can message or tag me via our Discord workspace or here on the forum. Please include which frequency you would like to staff for which time slot. Feel free to only SignUp for Tower or Ground in an attempt to give multiple controllers the ability to attend, I can also add you to the Stand-by List below.

Stand-by List

Controllers on Stand-by:

Which routes can I fly into and out of Eindhoven?

EGPH-EHEH operated by Ryanair (FT: 1h 35)
LOWS-EHEH operated by Transavia (FT: 1h 25)
HESH-EHEH operated by TuiFly (FT: 4h 55)

EHEH-EPPO operated by WizzAir (FT: 1h 30)
EHEH-LPFR operated by Ryanair and Transavia (FT:3h 00)
EHEH-LOWI operated by Transavia (FT: 1h 25)

You can find an overview with all routes to/from EHEH here: Direct flights from Eindhoven (EIN) - FlightConnections

We can´t wait to provide you with a top notch service this Saturday! Spread the word and let´s fill Eindhoven with traffic. If you have any questions, recommendations or thoughts, feel free to leave a reply below.




Yes Eindhoven!!

I’ll definitely be flying this flight.

Next time it better be Rotterdam😂

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in the intro it says EDEH and later it says EHEH :)

Fixed it, thanks for letting me know!

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all good! would’ve loved to join but sadly my sub has ran out. enjoy the event!!

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A nicely organised and informative thread, thanks! Looks like a good event, I’ll be trying to fly in tonight from somewhere… 🤔…

It’ll have to be Paris, I haven’t seen the buildings there yet, and I’m not one who cares too much about real world airline routes! Now, does anyone have a suggestion for what plane and paint scheme I could use…?

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Eindhoven is Transavia and TUI’s backyard ;) Also Ryanair and Wizz are common guests there. And last but not least, the Dutch Air Force with some DC-10’s and C-130’s. I’ll be there in the KLM 77W (Yes I know it doesn’t belong there). Callsign as always, KLM281.


We look foward to seing you there. Hopefully with a few other planes too!

30mins to go. Now’s the time to get your Inbound flights started! We look forward to seeing you.

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Get your flights planned, we are open at EHEH, fly to many of the beautiful European destinations flown from Eindhoven and enjoy ATC coverage on your way in and out of EHEH!


I’ll be there in 20 mins. I’m entering Brussels FIR now for the NIK3E STAR.

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Thanks, had a nice flight up from Paris (the buildings looked great there!).

It was interesting to see a couple of KLM DC-10s, and one took off after I parked as well.

Oh, and I think Eindhoven needs some more taxiways! 😉 But the Dash 8 seemed to handle the road and grass just fine 🙄😂

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Thanks for the ATC, loved it! Glad to see a nice turnout at Eindhoven.




Thanks for the staff up. Top quality ATC. Really enjoyed it.


What’s wrong? There’s enough space behind me for smaller A/C. By the way, IF map shows me that this a spot big enough for me.

It was great to see the Centres open around the area… I appreciated the good notice we got and the informative thread, which gave me confidence to plan the flight… Thanks to all the ATC staff 👍

Thank you for coming! It´s a give and take situation, you get ATC coverage and we get pilots so everyone wins in the end.


KLM doesn’t fly at Eindhoven, let alone with 777s and MD11s 😂

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Super fun event, thanks once again for the amazing events @Flying_Pencil :)

The KLM bus had a flat tire. We had to pick up the PAX 😂🤫😂 But KLM did fly from Eindhoven way back in time and they still use it as one their divertion airports if EHAM is closed due to fog (if they are not closed as well cause EIN doesn’t have proper ILS). 95% of the time they divert to Maastricht-Aachen wich I flew to after arriving from Ibiza. And yes again that 77W doesn’t belong in Eindhoven neither it does in Ibiza 😂 Still an awesome event. Thanks to ATC for keeping me away from that TBM. Good job to all. But wich one were you? I was looking myself blind on Transavia and Ryanair A/C’s