29MAY21 / 1700Z - The Biggest CRJ Flyout Ever @KCLT

@Pinecone presents:

The Biggest CRJ Flyout Ever

@KCLT Terminal E

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N566NN | Bombardier CRJ-900LR | American Eagle (PSA Airlines) | Yan777 | JetPhotos

About CLT:

Flyout Information:

Server: Expert

Airport: KCLT


Runways, procedures, and SIDs will be announced on the day of the flyout

I recently flew into Charlotte on a CRJ-900, and I loved how many CRJ’s and regional jets were at Terminal E, so I decided to make a flyout, filling all 42 E gates with CRJ-900s and -700s. Sign up below!

Gates & ATC

Terminal E
Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
E1 KATL -900 @bbrockairbus JIA225
E2 KIND -900
E3 KDAB -900
E4 KPVD -900
E5 KLIT -900
E5A KSTL -900 @nativetoalaska ALT-F4
E6 KRDU -900 @corgi_doodle CORGI Heavy
E7 KECP -900
E8 KCLE -700
E9 KCAK -700
E11 KPNS -900 @Dylan.Winklosky JIA5162
E13 KDAY -900
E14A KMLB -900
E14B KSAV -700
E15 KCVG -700
E16 KJAX -900
E16A KILM -900 @christophersalvador JIA5033
E17 KSDF -900
E18 KCRW -700
E19 KORF -900
E20 KTLH -900 @Nightt I-FLYY
E21 KBWI -900
E22 KJAN -700
E24 KHSV -900
E25 KGNV -900
E26 KVPS -900 @Jack JIA5516
E27 KGPT -900
E28 KCAE -900
E29 KCHS -900
E30 KGSP -900
E31 KFWA -700
E32 KBGR -900
E33 KGSO -900
E34 KMYR -900
E35A KROC -900
E35B KEWN -700
E35C KMEM -900 @zion89 JIA987
E36 KMSN -900
E38A KMHT -900
E38B KHPN -700
E38C KPIA -700
Position Controller

I will request IFATC prior to the event


Use Simbrief.com or FPLtoIF.com for flight planning

Listen to the ATC at all times

Watch the PM that will be opened prior to the event for pushback information and other notifications

Callsign should be JIA with four digits, for example JIA5065

Request a gate by stating your gate number and callsign, I will do the rest.

Thank you!

I hope to see you there :)


I’ll take this

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What is your callsign?

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(Airline) 225

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You’re in!

Nice event! I’m going to check if I will be able to participate but I’m not sure

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Okay, thank you

can i have this gate

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What is your callsign?

987 @Pinecone

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Thank you for joining!

Everyone please remember to include your callsign when you join the event.

I want to train a little, so taking either one of these would be nice. If anyone else wants tower, I’ll take ground and vice versa. If no one else signs up for these ATC positions, I will take both if needed. However, I might not be available due to an extracurricular I do at that time, so please keep me on hold for this.

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I’ll take any gate but to GRR plz, I-FGRR

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@Butter_Boi you need to take a look at this


May I have this route please?

Also my callsign is CORGI Heavy

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Do you mind if I take this gate?

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to KIAD -700 united 44

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i will take to chs callsign AAVA175

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im going to give my boys at AAVA the heads up about this and to get on it asap

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