29MAY21 / 17000Z - Fly-In @ SBGR

Guarulhos André Franco Montoro Fly-In

Guarulhos-André Franco Montoro is the busiest brazialian airport and also the biggest of South America. The idea of this Fly-in it’s to generate a lot of traffic to this beautiful airport that now it’s with 3D resolution in IF and apply IRL procedures.

Server - Expert
Airport - SBGR Guarulhos-André Franco Montoro
Event Time Saturday, May 29, 2021 5:00 PM to 2021-05-29T21:00:00Z

-Landing Runways 09R/27R (Except A380 uses 09L/27R)

After landing (Comercial Aviation)
Landing Runway 27R/27L: Follow dark blue
Landing Runway 09R: Follow Yellow
(General and Executive Aviation)
Landing both runway: Follow light blue

International Flights

|1710Z|Panama City[MPTO]|Copa Airlines 701|B737-800|Gate 606|Terminal 3|

|1715Z|Panama City[MPTO]|Copa Airlines 800|B737-800|Gate 605|Terminal 3|

|1720Z|Panama City[MPTO]|Copa Airlines 759|B737-800|Gate 604|Terminal 3|

|1730Z|Frankfurt[EDDF]|Lufthansa 506|B747-800|Gate 603|Terminal 3|

|1740Z|La Paz [SLLP]|LATAM 9530|A320|Gate 602|Terminal 3|

|1745Z|Miami[KMIA]|American Airlines 929|B777-300|Gate 601|terminal 3|

|1750Z|Paris[LFPG]|Air France 454|A350-900|Gate 511|Terminal 3|

|1800ZNew York[KEWR]|United Airlines 149|B777-200|Gate 510|Terminal 3|

|1805Z|Mexico City[MMMX]|Aeromexico 9130|B787-900|Gate 509|Terminal 3|

|1810Z|Dalas[KDFW]|American Airlines 963|B787-900|Gate 508|Terminal 3|

|1820Z|Houston[KIAH]|United Airlines 62|B787-900|Gate 507|Terminal 3| @ORD777flyer

|1830Z||Mexico City[MMMX]|Aeromexico 14|B787-900|Gate 606|Terminal 3|

|1840Z|Miami[KMIA]|Atlas Air 8050|B747-400|Gate 107|Cargo Terminal(Terminal de Cargas)|

|1850Z|Doha[OTHH]|Qatar Airways 779|A350-900|Gate 605|Terminal 3|

|1900Z|Buenos Aires[SABE]|Aerolineas Argentinas 1240|B737-800|Gate 603|Terminal 3|

|1910Z|Santa Cruz[SLVR]|Boliviana de Aviacion 736|B738-800|Gate 602|Terminal 3|

|1920Z|Doha[OTHH]|Qatar Airways 773|A350-900|Gate 601|Terminal 3|

|1930Z|Buenos Aires[SAEZ]|Swiss 93|B777-300|Gate 511|Terminal 3|

|1940|Addis Adabba[HAAB]|Ethiopian 506|B787-800|Gate 510|Terminal 3|

|1950Z|Dubai[OMDB]|Emirates 261|B777-300 or A380-800|Gate 504|Terminal 3|

|2000Z|Amsterdam[EHAM]|KLM 791|B777-300|Gate 508|Terminal 3|

|2010Z|Lagos[DNMM]|Ethiopian Cargo|777F|Gate 507|Terminal 3|

|2020Z|Luanda[FNLU]|TAAG Angola Airlines 747|777-300|Gate 606|Terminal 3|

|2030Z|Frankfurt[EDDF]|LATAM 8071|B777-300|Gate 605|Terminal 3|

|2040Z|Zurich[LSZH]|Swiss 92|B777-300|Gate 603|Terminal 3|

|2050Z|Chicago[KORD]|United Airlines 845|B787-900|Gate 602|Terminal 3|

|2100Z|Istambul[LTFM]|Turkish Airlines 15|A350-900|Gate601|Terminal 3|

|2200Z|Luxembourg[ELLX]|Qatar Cargo 8157|B777F|Gate 104|Cargo Terminal(Terminal de Cargas)|

|2040Z|Madrid[LEMD]|Air Europa 57|B787-900|Gate 511|Terminal 3|

|2045Z|Madrid[LEMD|LATAM 8065|B777-300|Gate 510|Terminal 3|

|2050Z|MIAMI[KMIA]|LATAM 8191|B777-300|Gate 509|Terminal 3|

Domestic Flights

|1710Z|Salvador[SBSV]|LATAM 4730|A320|Gate 304|Terminal 2|

|1710Z|Recife[SBRF]|LATAM 3109|A320|Gate 303|Terminal 2|

|1715Z|Goiania[SBGO]LATAM 4772|A320|Gate 208|Terminal 2|

|1715Z|Maceio[SBMO]|LATAM 3062|A320|Gate 211|Terminal 2|

|1720Z|Cuiaba[SBCY]|LATAM 3006]|A320|Gate 306|Terminal 2| @Eric_Silveira

|1720Z|Recife[SBRF]|Azul 4153|A320|Gate 204|Terminal 1|

|1725Z|Maceio[SBMO]|Gol 4077|B737-700]|Gate 205|Terminal 1|

|1725Z|Natal[SBSG]|Gol 4207|B737-800|Gate 210|Terminal 2|

|1730Z|Petrolina[SBPL]|Gol 4201]|B738-800|Gate 209|Terminal 2|

|1730Z|Fortaleza[SBFZ]|Gol 4089|B737-800|Gate 208|Terminal 2|

|1735Z|Recife[SBRF]|Gol 4117|B738-800|Gate 207|Terminal 2|

|1735Z|Salvador[SBSV]|Gol 4307|B737-700|Gate 206|Terminal 1|

|1740Z|Vitoria[SBVT]|LATAM 4538|A319|Gate 310|Terminal 2|

|1740Z|Porto Alegre[SBPA]|Azul 4514|A320|Gate 110|Terminal 1|

|1745Z|Rio de Janeiro[SBRJ]|Gol 4668|B737-800|Gate 112|Terminal 1|

|1750Z|Belo Horizonte[SBCF]|Gol 4093|B737-800|Gate 109|Terminal 1|

|1750Z|Brasilia[SBBR]|LATAM 4614|A320|Gate 404|Terminal 2|

|1755Z|Belo Horizonte[SBCF]|Azul 4523|E195|Gate 201|Terminal 1|

|1755Z|Rio de Janeiro[SBRJ]|LATAM 3196|A319|Gate 406|Terminal 2|

|1800Z|Campo Grande[SBCG]|LATAM 3152|A320|Gate 405|Terminal 2|

|1800Z|Recife[SBRF]|Azul 4619|A320|Gate 202|Terminal 1|

|1805Z|Porto Alegre[SBPA]|A320|Gate 203|Terminal 1|

(You can also suggest new flights[can be also retro] and time changes)




(IFATC controllers can reply this message if they have intentions to control)

Charts source: https://aisweb.decea.mil.br/?i=cartas


I’ll take this please!

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Do you need any time change?

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I don’t think so.

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|1720Z|Cuiaba[SBCY]|LATAM 3006]|A320|Gate 306|Terminal 2|


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