29MAY21 / 1500Z - Memorial Day in New York @ KJFK, KLGA, KEWR, KISP

@Sashaz55 who are your controllers

Can I do this in a 800

Can I please have JFK Terminal 4? The gate is up to you :)
Again, Thanks very much!

Ill take this one!

I don’t have any scheduled controllers at the moment. You can message me if you want to control.

@Butter1 @CHUNGUSflys @Nightt you guys are signed up. Thanks for joining!

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Hi,Can you add the Air India 77W AI101 Nonstop to Mumbai?,I would like to do that flight! Thanks

From JFK …

Sure thing! I’ll get that signed up for you. Have a good one!

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Thank you soo much! I am super excited!

can i have this gate

I’ll sign you up now. Thanks for joining!

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Have BA ever operated the 789 to JFK? If so, if you could add that, it’d be great!

If not then if you could add a Virgin Atlantic 789 flight to Heathrow? Thanks! (from JFK)

BA has not operated the 787 to JFK.

I’ll reach out to Sasha and see if he can do anything about it. He’s pretty busy this week with exams, so expect a delayed response time.

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I’ll take this please! Thanks

Oky doke then :)

Sorry about the delay folks! I’ve been busy this week with school testing. I’ll sign you all up shortly.

my I get this one

@Sashaz55 hey , you forgot to put United Airlines , United go to KJFK on the Boeing 767-300ER ,They are parked at Terminal 7 at KJFK. from KLAX and KSFO ,the routes are from KJFK:
San Francisco
Los Angeles.

I’m sorry if I did make you upset but forgive me

Sure! I’ll get that signed up for you!

@TheAirplaneBoy3520 These gates were made when United didn’t operate when I made these gates. Would you like to fly that flight?

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