29MAY21 / 1500Z - Memorial Day in New York @ KJFK, KLGA, KEWR, KISP

Hi all, welcome to the event! With the recent addition of Infinite Flight’s 21.1 open beta (soon to be full update) and the summer season rapidly approaching, Infinite Flight is advancing at unprecedented speeds. In the United States, Memorial Day is a day to celebrate and honor the men and women that have fought and died for our nation. What better day to commemorate this weekend in the largest city in the United States, New York City.

With one of the most complex airport systems and airspaces in the United states, we will be sure to get as much ATC at New York’s four main airports: New York John F. Kennedy, New York LaGuardia, Newark Liberty, and Long Island MacArthur Airport, each serving a large variety of airlines that reach every inhabited continent on this very earth, the longest route being from Newark to Auckland. Be sure to sign up so you don’t miss out!

Event Details:

Server: Expert
Time: 2021-05-29T15:00:00Z

NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen):

  • Please follow all instructions issued by IFATC and Event Leaders.
  • Please spawn in 15 minutes before start time.
  • Please use your assigned Aircraft and Gate.
  • Departure Procedures are recommended to ensure a safe and swift departure.
  • Plan for delays and spawn accordingly.


La Guardia Airport
Airport Leader: @Sashaz55

Terminal A (JetBlue)
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC Name
AA01 KBOS A320 Jetblue Boston
AA02 KFLL A321 JetBlue Fort Lauderdale
AA03 KPBI A321 JetBlue West Palm Beach
AA04 KMCO A320 JetBlue Orlando
AA06 KACK E190 JetBlue Nantucket

Terminal B (American, Southwest, Air Canada, United)
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC Name
A01 CYUL E175 Air Canada Montreal
A02 CYYZ A319 Air Canada Toronto @Starz
A03 CYUL E175 Air Canada Montreal
A04 CYYZ A319 Air Canada Toronto
A05 KMDW 737-700 Southwest Chicago
A06 KMCI 737-700 Southwest Kansas City
A07 KDEN 737-800 Southwest Denver
B01 KMDW 737-700 Southwest Chicago
B02 KPBI 737-700 Southwest West Palm Beach
B03 KTPA 737-800 Southwest Tampa
B04 KSTL 737-700 Southwest St. Louis
B05 KHOU 737-800 Southwest Houston @zion89
B06 KDAL 737-800 Southwest Dallas
B07 KMSY 737-700 Southwest New Orleans
B08 KDAL 737-800 Southwest Dallas
C01 KDEN 737-900 United Denver
C02 KORD A320 United Chicago
C03 KIAH A320 United Houston
C04 KIAD CRJ-200 United Washington–Dulles
C05 KIAH A320 United Houston
C08 KDFW A321 American Dallas
C09 MYNN A320 American Nassau @KCAviation
C10 KATL 737-800 American Atlanta
C11 KMCO 737-800 American Orlando @nativetoalaska
C12 KMIA 737-800 American Miami
C14 KORD 737-800 American Chicago
D01 KROA CRJ-200 American Eagle Roanoke
D02 KRDU CRJ-700 American Eagle Raleigh
D03 KCAK CRJ-700 American Eagle Akron
D04 KPIT CRJ-200 American Eagle Pittsburgh
D05 KORF CRJ-700 American Eagle Norfolk
D06 KXNA CRJ-900 American Eagle Bentonville
D07 KCVG CRJ-900 American Eagle Cincinnati
D08 KTVC CRJ-700 American Eagle Traverse City
D09 KRIC CRJ-700 American Eagle Richmond
D10 KILM CRJ-700 American Eagle Wilmington

Terminal C (Spirit, Frontier, Delta)
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC Name
15 KMSY A319 Delta New Orleans
16 KFLL A319 Delta Fort Lauderdale
17 KATL 737-900 Delta Atlanta
18 KDCA E170 Delta Connection Washington @Aviation108
20 KBOS E170 Delta Connection Washington @tunamkol
21 KMIA A320 Delta Miami
22 KCVG A319 Delta Kentucky
23 KRSW A320 Delta Fort Myers @InfiniteFlight48
26 KMYR A320 Spirit Myrtle Beach
28 KDTW A320 Spirit Detroit
29 KTPA A320 Spirit Tampa
30 KFLL A320 Spirit Fort Lauderdale
31 KMCO A320 Spirit Orlando
32 KATL A320 Frontier Atlanta
34 KMIA A321 Frontier Miami
35 KMCO A320 Frontier Orlando
36 KSAV CRJ-900 Delta Connection Savanna
37 KBTV CRJ-700 Delta Connection Burlington
38 KPWM CRJ-200 Delta Connection Portland
39 KEYW E170 Delta Connection Key West
40 KGGR CRJ-700 Delta Connection Grand Rapids
41 KSYR CRJ-200 Delta Connection Syracuse
42 KMSN CRJ-700 Delta Connection Dane County
43 KGSP CRJ-900 Delta Connection Greenville
44 KCMH CRJ-900 Delta Connection Colombus

Terminal D (Delta)
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC Name
01 KPBI A320 Delta West Palm Beach @Tharealjaay
02 KMSP A320 Delta Minneapolis-St Paul
04 KSRQ A319 Delta Sarasota
05 KIND CRJ-700 Delta Connection Indianapolis
06 KMVY CRJ-200 Delta Connection Martha’s Vineyard @Tate_Wang
07 CYOW CRJ-900 Delta Connection Ottawa
08 KROC CRJ-200 Delta Connection Rochester
09 KCAE CRJ-700 Delta Connection Lexington
10 KCHA CRJ-900 Delta Connection Chattanooga @TheAirplaneBoy3520
11 CYYZ 737-800 Westjet Toronto

Blast Pads
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC Name
Blast Pad 1 KMHT CRJ-700 Delta Connection Manchester
Blast Pad 2 KGSP CRJ-700 Delta Connection Greenville
Blast Pad 3 KMEN Delta Connection CRJ-900 Memphis
Blast Pad 4 KBNA Delta Connection CRJ-700 Nashville

Newark Airport:
Airport Leader: @Sashaz55

Terminal A (United, Air Canada, Jetblue, American)
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC Name
14 CYYZ ERJ-175 Air Canada Toronto
15 CYOW CRJ-200 Air Canada Ottawa
16A KPBI A320 jetBlue West Palm Beach
16B KFLL A321 jetBlue Fort Lauderdale
17 MBPV A320 jetBlue Boston
18 CYYZ 787-9 Air Canada Vancouver
20 KSFO A321 JetBlue San Francisco
20B KSYR CRJ-700 United Express Syracuse
21 KDCA CRJ-700 United Express Washington
22 KPIT CRJ-700 United Express Pittsburgh
23 CYOW CRJ-700 United Express Ottawa
24 KRIC CRJ-700 United Express Richmond
25 KPWM CRJ-700 United Express Portland
26 KCMH CRJ-700 United Express Columbus
27 KCLE CRJ-700 United Express Cleveland
28 KBUF CRJ-700 United Express Buffalo
30 KLAX 737-900 Alaska Airlines Los Angeles
31 KSAN 737-900 Alaska Airlines San Diego
32 KSJC 737-900 Alaska Airlines San Jose
33 KSEA 737-900 Alaska Airlines Seattle
34 KDFW 737-800 American Airlines Dallas
35 KCLT A321 American Airlines Charlotte
36 KMIA 737-800 American Airlines Miami
37 KORD 737-800 American Airlines Chicago
38 KPHX A321 American Airlines Phoenix

Terminal B (International, Delta, Spirit)
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC Name
40 KLAS A320 Spirit Las Vegas
41A MDSD A320 Spirit Santo Domingo
41B KMYR A320 Spirit Myrtle Beach
42 KATL 737-900 Delta Atlanta
43 KMSP CRJ-700 Delta Connection Minneapolis
44 KDTW CRJ-700 Delta Connection Detroit
45 KBOS CRJ-200 Delta Connection Boston
46A KRDU CRJ-900 Delta Connection Raleigh
46B KSLC 737-800 Delta Salt Lake City
47 CYTZ Q400 Porter Toronto Billy Bishop
51 SKBO A320 Avianca Bogotá
52 VIDP 777-300ER Air India Delhi
53 EGLL A340 Virgin Atlantic London @Adhithya_Adhithya
54 EDDF 747-8 Lufthansa Frankfurt
55 LSZH A330 Swiss Zürich
56 LLBG 787-10 El Al Tel Aviv
57 EGLL 787-8 Air India London
60 LGAV 777-300ER Emirates Athens
61 NZAA 787-9 Air New Zealand Auckland @Captain_Awerty
62 VHHH A350-900 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong
63 KGRR A320 Allegiant Grand Rapids @Deltadev13
64 EKCH A350-900 SAS Copenhagen
65 EGLL 777-200 British Airways London
66 BIKF 757-200 Icelandair Reykjavik
67 ZBAA 787-9 Air China Beijing
68 EPWA 787-8 Lot Polish Airlines Warsaw

Terminal C (United)
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC Name
70 MKJS A320 United Montego Bay
71 TNCM 737-700 United St Maarten
72 MDPC 737-800 United Punta Cana
73 MDPP 737-800 United Puerto Plata
74 KEGE 737-700 United Eagle County
75 KIAH 777-200 United Houston
80 KPBI 757-200 United West Palm Beach
81 KCLT 737-700 United Charlotte
82 TJBQ 737-900 United Aguadilla
83 KDCA E170 United Washington
84 KBOS 737-800 United Boston
85 KEYW E170 United Key West
86 MBPV 737-900 United Providenciales
87 KDEN A320 United Denver
88 MMMX 737-700 United Mexico City
90 KPHX 737-900 United Phoenix
91 KSTL E170 United St Louis
92 KPIT E170 United Pittsburgh
93 KATL 737-800 United Atlanta
94 MMUN 737-900 United Cancun
95 KCLE 737-900 United Cleveland
96 KSAV 737-700 United Savannah
97 KLAS A320 United Las Vegas
98 KSNA 737-700 United John Wayne
99 KLAX 757-200 United Los Angeles
101 KSFO 757-200 United San Francisco
102 TXKF 737-800 United Bermuda @Lil_Seedy_Boi
103 KAUS A320 United Austin
104 KMSY A320 United New Orleans
105 KORD 737-900 United Chicago
106 KSDF E170 United Louisville
107 KCHS 737-700 United Charleston
108 PANC 757-200 United Anchorage
110 PHNL 767-300 United Honolulu @Lachlanavitor
111 KLAX 787-10 United Los Angeles
112 LSZH 787-9 United Zürich
113 EGCC 757-200 United Edinburgh
114 KSAT 737-800 United San Antonio
115 TAPA 737-700 United Anguilla
120 LIMC 767-300 United Milan
122 VABB 777-300ER United Mumbai
123 LFPG 787-10 United Paris
124 MRLB 737-800 United Liberia
125 EIDW 787-10 United Dublin
126 ZSPD 777-300ER United Shanghai
127 LLBG 787-10 United Tel Aviv
128 VHHH 777-200 United Hong Kong
130 KDLH 737-700 United Duluth
131 KSAN 757-200 United San Diego
132 KPDX A320 United Portland
133 KSLC A320 United Salt Lake City
134 LSGG 767-300 United Geneva
135 EDDF 787-10 United Frankfurt
136 BIKF 757-200 United Reykjavik
137 TNCB 737-900 United Bonaire @Evan_Vlogs
138 LDDU 767-300 United Dubrovnik
139 KHDN A320 United Hayden

John F Kennedy Airport:
Airport Leader: @Pingu

Terminal 1 (International)
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC Name
01 LFPG 777-200ER Air France Paris
02 UUEE 777-300ER Aeroflot Moscow
03 ENGM 787-9 Norwegian Oslo
04 EGLL 787-9 Virgin Atlantic London @Sam_D206
05 EDDF 747-8 Lufthansa Frankfurt @Deakin
06 RKSI A380 Korean Air Seoul @Nightt
07 RJTT 777-200ER Japan Airlines Tokyo
08 RPLL 777-300ER Philippine Airlines Manila
10 VABB 777W Air India @Mayank_Pawar
11 EDDM A340 Lufthansa Munich

Terminal 2 (Delta)
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC Name
61 TNCA 737-800 Delta Aruba
62 MKJP 737-800 Delta Kingston
63 KJAX 717-200 Delta Jacksonville
64 MYNN A319 Delta Nassau
65 TXKF A319 Delta Bermuda @Vinicius_Monte
66 TKPK 757-200 Delta St Kitts
67 CYUL CRJ-900 Delta Connection Montréal
68 TJSJ 737-900 Delta San Juan
69 BIKF 757-200 Delta Reykjavik
70 KBZN A319 Delta Bozeman

Terminal 4 (Delta, International)
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC Name
A2 ZGGG 787-8 China Southern Guangzhou
A3 FAOR A340 South African Airways Johannesburg
A4 ZSFZ 787 Xiamen Air Fuzhou @CHUNGUSflys
A5 MMMX 787-8 Aeromexico Mexico City
A6 MMGL A320 Volaris Guadalajara
A7 EPWA 787-9 LOT Polish Warsaw
B20 CYYC 737-700 WestJet Calgary
B22 EGLL 787-9 Virgin Atlantic London @Icengelbre
B24 WSSS (Stop at EDDF) A380 Singapore Airlines Singapore
B25 HECA A330 EgyptAir Cairo
B26 RKSI A380 Asiana Seoul
B27 LPPT A330 (Generic) TAP Air Portugal Lisbon
B28 LSZH A330 Swiss Zurich
B29 OMDB A380 Emirates Dubai
B30 EHAM 787-9 KLM Amsterdam
B31 LLBG 787-10 El Al Tel Aviv
B32 HKJK 787-9 Kenya Airways Nairobi
B33 LHBP 787-9 LOT Polish Budapest
B34 TNCM 757-200 Delta St Maarten
B35 HAAB 787-9 Ethiopian Airlines Addis Ababa
B36 LIMC 767-300 Delta Milan
B37 OMAA A380 Etihad Abu Dhabi
B38 LFTM A330-300 Delta Istanbul
B39 EHAM A330-300 Delta Amsterdam
B41 LIPZ 767-300 Delta Venice
B42 KROC CRJ-200 Delta Connection Rochester
B43 KSYR CRJ-200 Delta Connection Syracuse
B44 KCHM CRJ-700 Delta Connection Columbus–Glenn
B45 MBPV 737-800 Delta Providenciales
B46 KCHS CRJ-700 Delta Connection Charleston @bbhusty
B47 KDFW 737-900 Delta Dallas
B48 KSJC 737-900 Delta San Jose
B49 KMSP A319 Delta Minneapolis
B51 CYUL CRJ-700 Delta Connection Montréal
B53 KORF CRJ-700 Delta Connection Norfolk

Terminal 5 (JetBlue)
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC Name
1 TJBQ A320 JetBlue Aguadilla
2 THCA A320 JetBlue Antigua
3 TBPB A321 JetBlue Barbados @FlyIf_0011IFPA
4 KPSP A321 JetBlue Palm Springs
5 KBUR A321 JetBlue Burbank
6 MMUN A320 JetBlue Cancun
7 SKCG A321 JetBlue Cartagena
8 KORD E190 JetBlue Chicago–O’Hare
9 KBOS E190 JetBlue Boston
10 TNCC A320 JetBlue Curaçao
11 SYCJ A321 JetBlue Guyana
12 TGPY A320 JetBlue Grenada
13 TLPL A320 JetBlue St Lucia
14 EINN 757-200 Aer Lingus Shannon
15 MUHA A320 JetBlue Havana
16 KSAN A321 JetBlue San Diego
17 KRNO A320 JetBlue Reno
18 KMVY E190 JetBlue Martha’s Vineyard
19 KACK E190 JetBlue Nantucket
20 KHYA E190 JetBlue Hyannis
21 KSEA A321 JetBlue Seattle
22 KSFO A321 JetBlue San Francisco
23 TTPP A321 JetBlue Port Of Spain
24 KJAX A320 JetBlue Jacksonville
25 KPBI A320 JetBlue West Palm Beach
26 KORH E190 JetBlue Worchester
27 TFFR A320 JetBlue Point-A-Pitre
28 MDSD A320 JetBlue Santo Domingo
29 TXKF A320 JetBlue Bermuda
30 KATL E190 JetBlue Atlanta

Terminal 7 (Alaska, International)
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC Name
1 KSEA 737-900 Alaska Airlines Seattle
2 KSFO A320 Alaska Airlines San Francisco @Collins4486
3 KPDX 737-900 Alaska Airlines Portland
4 KLAX A320 Alaska Airlines
5 RJTT 777-300ER ANA Tokyo Haneda
6 EGLL 777-200ER British Airways London Heathrow
7 EGKK 777-200ER British Airways London Gatwick
8 LEMD 787-9 Air Europa Madrid
9 BIKF 757-200 Icelandair Keflavík
10 EPWA 787-8 LOT Polish Warsaw
11 UKBB 777-200 Ukraine International Kiev
12 OTHH A350 Qatar Doha

Terminal 8 (Oneworld)
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC Name
1 KLAS A321 American Airlines Las Vegas
2 SEGU 767-300 LATAM Ecuador
3 SCEL 787-9 LATAM Santiago
4 VHHH 777-200 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong @Flying-infinite
5 YSSY(Stop in KLAX) 787-9 Qantas Sydney
6 OJAI 787-8 Royal Air Maroc Casablanca
7 EGLL 777-200 American Airlines London Heathrow
8 EGLL 777-200 American Airlines London Heathrow
10 LFPG 777-200 American Airlines Paris @askrdl
12 KCLT A321 American Airlines Charlotte
14 KEGE 757-200 American Airlines Eagle County-Vail
16 LEBL 777-200 American Airlines Barcelona
31A KDFW A321 American Airlines Dallas
31B KAUS 737-800 American Airlines Austin
31C KBOS A321 American Airlines Boston
31D KPHL CRJ-700 American Eagle Philadelphia
32F KPIT CRJ-200 American Eagle Pittsburgh
32G KDCA CRJ-700 American Eagle Washington
32H KRDU CRJ-900 American Eagle Raleigh
32I KBNA CRJ-700 American Eagle Nashville
33 TIST 737-800 American St Thomas
34 MRLB A320 American Liberia (Costa Rica)
35 KDFW 737-800 American Dallas
36 CYYZ CRJ-700 American Eagle Toronto
37 KSAN 737-800 American San Diego
38 KSAT A321 American San Antonio
39 KORD 737-800 American Chicago
40 KORD A320 American Chicago
41 KRIC CRJ-200 American Eagle Richmond
42 KCVG CRJ-700 American Eagle Cincinnati
43 KPHX A321 American Phoenix
44 KCMH CRJ-900 American Columbus
45 KIND CRJ-700 American Eagle Indianapolis
46 KSFO A321 American San Francisco
47 KLAX A321 American Los Angeles

Long Island Mac Arthur Airport:
Airport Leader: @RTG113

All Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B23 Frontier A320 Myrtle Beach
B19 Frontier A320 Miami
A1 American CRJ-200 Philadelphia
A2 Frontier A320 Orlando
A3 Frontier A320 Atlanta
A4 Frontier A320 Fort Myers
A5 Frontier A320 Las Vegas
A6 Southwest 737 Baltimore
A7 Southwest 737 Fort Lauderdale @Butter1
A8 Southwest 737 Nashville
A9 Southwest 737 Tampa
A10 Southwest 737 West Palm Beach
A11 Southwest 737 Orlando
A12 Frontier A320 Tampa
A13 Frontier A320 West Palm Beach


Procedures are vital to the New York City Airspace. We have added a few websites which give access to free Charts.


Thanks for reading our Event Thread! We hope you’re excited as we are for this event. Thank you so much to @RTG113 and @Pingu for assisting in the event. Please direct any questions to me. I’ll answer it when I can. Thanks all!


Banner: @Pingu
Gates and Thread Design: @Sashaz55
KISP Gates and Assistance: @RTG113
Event Leaders: @Pingu @RTG113 @Sashaz55


Pingu overseeing JFK and not EWR? 🤔

Nice event! I’ll take this gate! :)

Alrighty! I’ll sign you up now!


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May I have this in LGA, but to DC (KDCA) instead?

This please. Thanks.

I’ll take this gate thanks!
Great event!

Can I please have the Delta A320 to Fort Myers from LaGuardia! And also you spelled Fort Myers wrong

Sure! I’ll also get everyone else signed up. Thanks for joining us!

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Can I take this flight?

Can I please add my own exclusive flight?
Xiamen air 787 to Fuzhou. Thx so much!

What airport and gate would you like that at?

@askrdl I’ll sign you up now.

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Can I get a United gate at KEWR to TXKF in a 737-800 (The route is real it starts operating in 2 days)

Could I take this to GRR? TBD due to golf though.

Could I take this gate please?

@Lil_Seedy_Boi @Deltadev13 @Lachlanavitor you all good to go. Thanks for coming along!


I’ll take this one please! The Toronto one

Orlando gate is for me? 🥺👉👈 (also do you mind changing the airframe to the 737?)

i will take jfk to chs delta connection crj7

You three are all signed up. Thanks for joining!

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