29MAY21 / 0030Z - Fly-out at The Pearl of the Orient Seas! @ RPLL

Welcome to the Fly-Out at The Pearl of the Orient Seas at Ninoy Aquino International Airport! This is my first event that I have set up with widebody aircraft! I hope you enjoy it!


Welcome to Ninoy Aquino International Airport! Ninoy Aquino International Airport, formerly and still commonly known as Manila International Airport, and is also called NAIA, is located in Metro Manila, serving hubs to Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. The airport was named after a Filipino Politician, Beningo “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., who was tragically assassinated on the airport grounds in 1983. The Airport serves 47 airlines serving 96 destinations in 28 countries, and 38 domestic destinations. The airport also serves 10 cargo carriers. In those routes, 47,898,046 passengers were flown in 2019.

The airport has only 2 runways, 06/24 and 13/31, but a third runway proposal was given to be adjacent to runway 06/24 and could start handling from 30-40 planes per hour to 60-70, however it could disrupt operations on Runway 06/24. Because of this, Sangley, a naval station built by the US Military that stopped service in 1971, could be used for a third runway for RPLL until the long-term expansion is planned.

Sangley Island could be brought back into use, as the government has a 10 billion dollar plan to expand Sangley Island to make into the new Manila airport. It would be similar to the Hong Kong airport layout but has 2 runways on each side instead of one.

RPLL is one of 2 airports in the Philippines to be able to operate the A380, the other being Clark International Airport. However, the A380 does not operate here due to possible delays and inconvenience to other flights, and due to the taxiways and runways not meeting the “Wing-tip-to-wing-tip” safety rule. However, an Emirates A380 was flown here to Manila at one point, celebrating the move to Terminal 3. The flight was flown by the first Filipino pilot certified to fly the A380, Franklyn Desiderio.

Terminal 2 was in fact, opened back up very recently, back in February 2021. Terminal 2 was the site of what was then, Manila International Airport. The structure was destroyed by a fire in 1972 and was replaced by a smaller terminal. The terminal was YET AGAIN destroyed by another fire in 1987. In 1991, the French Government gave a small loan to the Filipino Government, to help plan and pay for Terminal 2, and the Japanese Government did the same thing. In August 2014, a plan was made to renovate and connect Terminal 1 and 2. A Philippine village hotel was also destroyed in the process. The Terminal was finally reopened in February 2021.

Server: Expert Server
Airport: Ninoy Aquino International Airport (RPLL)

When requesting a gate assignment, please list the gate, and the callsign you will use for the flight. Please stick to the gate that you are assigned and the callsign you will give me.

Ex: Can I be assigned to Gate 1? My callsign for the flight will be N96AF.

Due to an Open Beta glitch, I was unable to access the gate info for Terminal 4, so the terminal will not be available to us for the event. There will also unfortunately not be any cargo routes to fly at the event due to Spawn Dot glitches and size restrictions.

Terminal 1
Gate Airline and Aircraft Destination Callsign Pilot
Gate 1 Philippine Airlines A350-900 New York City - KJFK Unknown @plane_guy12
Gate 2 Philippine Airlines 777-300ER Toronto - CYYZ CORGI Heavy @corgi_doodle_YT
Gate 3 Philippine Airlines A350-900 Vancouver - CYVR C-FYXX @Canadian_Aviator
Gate 4 China Airlines 747-400 Taipei - RCTP Unknown @Populeux_Music
Gate 5 Asiana Airlines 777-200ER Incheon - RKSI
Gate 6 Malaysia Airlines 777-200ER Kuala Lumpur - WMKK
Gate 9 Ethiopian 787-8 Addis Ababa - HAAB
Gate 10 Saudia 787-9 Riyadh - OERK
Gate 11 Japan Airlines 787-9 Tokyo - RJAA
Gate 12 Kuwait Airways 777-300ER Kuwait City - OKBK
Gate 14 Thai Airways A350-900 Bangkok - VTBS
Gate 15 Korean Air 777-200ER Incheon - RKSI
Gate 16 Air China 747-800 Beijing - ZBAD
Terminal 2
Gate Airline and Aircraft Destination Callsign Pilot
Gate 32 PAL Express A321-200 Davao - RPMD
Gate 33 PAL Express A321-200 Cebu - RPVM
Gate 34 PAL Express DH8B Basco - RPUO
Gate 35 PAL Express DH8B Laoag - RPLI
Gate 36 PAL Express A321-200 Iloilo - RPVI
Gate 38 Philippine Airlines 777-300ER San Fransisco - KSFO
Gate 39 Philippine Airlines 777-300ER Sydney - YSSY
Gate 42 Philippine Airlines 777-300ER Honolulu - PHNL Philippines 100 @Jukker
Gate 43 Philippine Airlines 777-300ER Los Angeles - KLAX Philippine 102 @travelingcornstalk
Gate 45 Philippine Airlines A350-900 London - EGLL
Gate 47 Philippine Airlines A321-200 Tokyo - RJTT
Gate 49 Philippine Airlines A321-200 Singapore - WSSS
Terminal 3
Gate Airline and Aircraft Destination Callsign Pilot
Gate 101 Etihad Airways 787-10 Abu Dhabi - OMAA
Gate 103A KLM 777-300ER Amsterdam - EHAM
Gate 104A Turkish Airlines A350-900 Istanbul - LTFM Unkown @Arizona_Aviator
Gate 106A Qatar Airways 777-300ER Doha - OTHH Unknown @EBEK
Gate 107 Emirates 777-300ER Dubai - OMDB
Gate 108 United 737-800 Guam - PGUM
Gate 109 Cathay Pacific A350-900 Hong Kong - VHHH
Gate 110 All-Nippon Airways 787-9 Tokyo - RJTT
Gate 111 All-Nippon Airways 787-9 Tokyo - RJAA
Gate 112 Singapore Airlines A350-900 Singapore - WSSS Unknown @LuminousNate
Gate 113 Cebu Pacific A321-200 San Jose - RPUH N96AF @Smile760981
Gate 114 Cebu Pacific A321-200 Kuala Lumpur - WMKK
Gate 115 Cebu Pacific A321-200 Davao - RPMD Cebu 951 @Udeme_Ekpo
Gate 116 Cebu Pacific A321-200 Puerto Princessa - RPVP
Gate 117 Cebu Pacific A321-200 Hong Kong - VHHH
Gate 118 Cebu Pacific A321-200 Pagadin - RPMP
Gate 119 Cebu Pacific A321-200 Ozamiz -RPMO
Gate 120 Cebu Pacific A321-200 Macau - VMMC
Remote 121 Cebu Pacific A321-200 Tuguegarao - RPUT
Remote 122 Cebu Pacific A321-200 Beijing - ZBAA
Remote 123 Cebu Pacific A321-200 Guangzhou - ZGGG
Remote 124 Cebu Pacific A321-200 Guam - PGUM
Remote 125 Cebu Pacific A321-200 Shanghai - ZSPD
Remote 126 Cebu Pacific A321-200 Roxas - RPVR
Remote 126L Cebu Pacific A321-200 Ilolio - RPVI Unknown @barbadian

If IFATC is present, you will be required to listen and to follow every instruction that they give you. I will not be responsible for violations or reports you may receive.
If IFATC is not present, please be aware of your surroundings when on the ground or in the air. Use unicom to announce what you will be doing.
Use Simbrief, FPLtoIF or other flight plan generators to generate your flight plan. SIDs and STARs must be used to have a smooth way in and out of airports.
Maintain a 1000ft and 5nm separation from the plane behind you or ahead of you.
Most importantly, be sure to have fun!

Please let me know if there were any errors, as this was made in 4 hours, and I will correct them as soon as possible.


Very nice and detailed event. Good Job! I just wanted to ask if there is a possibility if you could add SQ917 (Singapore Airlines flight RPLL-WSSS), as it is a pretty popular route out of Manila. I myself have flown this route multiple times because I part-time live in Manila. If you would consider to add this I could give you more information about this flight.

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Yeah, sure. What terminal do they use for departing planes?

Gate 4 but I’ll use the a330

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@Populeux_Music You have been signed up to Taipei onboard China Airlines! Thanks for joining the event, and have fun!

i havent done this flight in ages. sign me up!

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Terminal 3. Usually between Gates 111-114.

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@barbadian You have been signed up to Ilolio onboard Cebu Pacific! Thanks for joining the flight, and have fun!

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@19J_aviation You have been signed up to Singapore onboard Singapore Airlines! Thanks for joining the event, and have fun!

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And btw for the callsign i’ll have 9V-SMJ ! thanks for planning this event.

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I will take this gate please thank you

@Udeme_Ekpo You have been signed up to Davao onboard Cebu Pacific! Thanks for joining the event, and have fun!

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Hi, could I have a gate to PHNL? :)

Can I get Gate 43 to LAX? My callsign will be PR102 (Philippine 102). I should be able to make this work but I’ll let you know if it doesn’t.

I gave you Gate 42 to Honolulu! Thanks for joining the event, and have fun!

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@travelingcornstalk You have been signed up to Los Angeles onboard Philippine Airlines! Thanks for joining the event, and have fun!

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I forgot my callsign it will be Philippine 100

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Hello again. I just checked the time at which this event will take place. I sadly won’t be able to make it as I currently live in a different time zone. For me it would be at 02:30am haha! Anyways I hope you have a fun time flying! maybe next time… @Smile760981

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Can i get this one???

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May I please have this gate? My callsign is CORGI Heavy

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