29MAY2020/0600Z LAX fly in @NZAA

It is currently 0350Z. 1600Z is about 11 hours away. :)


I will fix the title guys to the right time

K guys
Take a look at the fixed time :)

thats in 6 minutes but it works

WHAT 😂😂😂 let me look at the calculator again

oh wait that is at 11 your time woops sorry 0600Z is correct


Ok! Would you like to fly with me?

Ah I wish I could but unfortunately I won’t be home in 3 minutes

It is in 2 hours

0600Z is 2 hours from now

Yeah you have said that already, but nah I can’t join soz

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Ok that is fine
Would you like to fly with me? @CPT_Colorado

I’ll fly man

Wait nope I can’t make it sorry man

This is about 11 hours away from departure please read this before posting:

Thank you.

Edit: Sorry I didn’t read 0600Z but this says 1600Z so fix it thanks :)

Sorry bout that
I forgot to fix it in the POST
SR, all fixed
Would U like to fly with me? @Infinite_Pro

If you see this
Flight is in 1 hour

Sorry I can’t join hope you have a great flight :)

Ok @Infinite_Pro
If you are going
Push in 15mins

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