29MAY20 / 1000Z - All about that bass @ YPAD to YMHB

At QVG, we’re all about that Bass (Strait)!

On this flight, we will be connecting the wonderful state South Australia to the only State/Territory of Australia that is not connected to the Australian mainland, Tasmania! Located south of Victoria, Tasmania is perhaps the only state/territory that is not connected to many international destinations other than New Zealand. Tasmania is a beautiful place, home to many mountains, beaches and exotic animals. So today, with a short flight from Adelaide Airport we will be flying over the Bass Strait to the beloved Hobart.

Departure Airport: Adelaide Airport (YPAD)

Arrival Airport: Hobart International Airport (YMHB)

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Airbus 320 (Jetstar Livery)

Departure Time: Friday, May 29, 2020 10:00 AM

Flight Time: Approx. 1 hr 39mn



Make sure to request a gate simply by replying to this topic.

Gate Pilot
Gate 12L @Infinite_Josh
Gate 13 @Josh
Gate 14L @sam2875
Gate 15 @Adam_S
Gate 16L @Oli_H
Gate 17 @TimR
Gate 18L @Chris_Hoss
Gate 19 @Finn_S_QFA535
Gate 20L @li7ing
Gate 21 @RileyBozina
Gate 22L @Udeme_Ekpo
Gate 23 @Robert_Thomas1
Gate 24L @Alex_E
Gate 25 @Nicolas_Dejoy
Gate 27 @Thor_Jensen
Gate 29 @Hussein_Zreik
Gate 50A
Gate 50B @Hardlanding_Hussain
Gate 50C @Indybeach
Gate 50F @Pandaboy
Gate 50G @Cpt_Zorndy
Gate 10A @Eduardo_Araujo
Gate 10C @anon9682125
Gate 10D @Choccymilk
Remote Apron 02A @Louis
Remote Apron 03
Remote Apron 01 @Anush_Patel
Cargo Apron 80 @Di_Hu
Cargo Apron 81 @Jacklcsm
Cargo Apron 83 @Chucklehead
Cargo Apron 84 @Air_Boss
Cargo Apron 85 @tunamkol
Cargo Apron 86 @nolan_4290

More gates available if needed


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