29MAY20 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Retro Islands @ RJAA - PHNL

Oh yeah, good catch, 😅 thanks

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Please tell me I’m not the only one that clicks a random option in the poll every week and then changes it to the one with the most votes. No one? Great.

Looks like a fun FNF also!


Wow there are a lot of airports open! Wonder where I’ll fly this time? 🤔

chill bro i dont know what u thinking rn. enlighten me


@NoahM is a child of the Kona.


Well, I was thinking that the FnF will be related to 20.1… no worries 😀 great job as usual @MishaCamp!!


I do that too!

No. You will be able to fly any aircraft during this FNF. No restriction will be in place! The B742/MD-11 is highly encouraged though to bring some retro vibes into Infinite Flight. ☺️

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1,2,3 and the speculation commences, just for everybody to be disappointed 😂

Oh yeah, you wanna do a retro overnight?

Good to see that 20.1 is still not coming. Thanks !

Yay, Bangkok!

Time will tell. Just wait ;)

Nice FNF love a bit of nostalgia. :)

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Interesting FNF Misha as always!

Trying to work out what gates Pan Am used at Narita… Going to look into a retro flight for once.

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Nice choice to FNF, it’s good remember our old and beautiful aviation world!

Love the FNF! See you there!


Suena bien!!!


Holy cow, these are two of my favorite airports! Nice choice Misha!