29MAY20 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Retro Islands @ RJAA - PHNL

Welcome to the community! It’s a truly amazing feel when your first event with the community is your favorite route, isn’t it!

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Inbound to RJAA looking forward to touchdown!

Spotted Laura in the 777 in Honolulu. :)


i’m definitly going to do this

Looks like most people are flying KSFO-PHNL. XD

SUCHHH a vibe 😂😂

That’s so cool.

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I love that feeling when you are flying from Hawaii and finally reach the coast of California. 😄

Friday Night Ghosted Flight

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Just about to land in Phoenix. It has been an AWESOME Friday Night Flight! :)

I landed at PHNL from PANC! It was an awesome FNF! Very busy. Always keep your head on a swivel.

Also, this was cool


Today was awesome! I parked nearby across from Laura. I was a Delta A333 from Boston.

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That’s cool! How long was that flight?

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10 hours and 59 minutes!

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Wow. Nice!

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I’m headed back to Boston as we speak. Should touch down at around 3am EST

Wahoooo. Back from a week languishing in Grade 2, after a Ghosting 😔, Just in time to fly WSSS - RJAA in a JAL Queen of The Sky. Happy days. Spent my week usefully - getting above 250 landings so jumped from Grade 2 to 4. Wooot! See you in the skies above Asia friends.

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Had an awesome flight today in the classic 747-200 from HNL-PHX.

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So as we begin to wrap up this Friday Night Flight, I would like to thank @MishaCamp for once again putting out an amazing event for us! I would also like to thank every single IFATC controller that opened a frequency today to make it a huge success! Hawaii and Japan have always been a favorite for both pilots and controllers and it was great to combine the two to make one awesome FNF!

Do you want to be a part of the amazing ATC effort that you saw today? Join here and join the team!