29MAY20 / 0100Z - Flight to beautiful Palm Beach. ATL-PBI Delta 737-900ER @KATL

Delta 737-900ER


8:00 P.M Central


Spawn into your gate around 10-15 minutes before departure. Copy my flight plan. My callsign will be my IFC name @ORD777flyer. Have fun everyone

This is where we will be parking

Can I get someone to close this please

Feel free to flag it 🙃

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Alright. It stinks no one joined

Lololololol . It happens to me all the time:/

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can i join?

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I’ll make the same one tomorrow if anyone wants to join

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Mark your calendars me and @Anthony_Williams arehooking up and making ORD-HNL on the 14th with the 777-200 United so join if you can


Who here thinks they will be able to join. I think @Owen_Fask is helping us out as well

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