29JUN21 / 0600Z to 1630Z - IFATC Long Haul Fly-In @ CYVR

Oooo i wanna come

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Is it possible to add OEJN to Vancouver? 😁

Hey there!

Since that’s not a real world route unfortunately I’m not going to add that to the list. You may fly it to CYVR though. Sorry

If u allow i will do it 😁

Yeah, I’ll allow it. Any Route can be flown for this event.

This Event is now Sponsored by Surf Air Virtual!

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I can get approach/departure at YVR from 2021-06-29T14:45:00Z2021-06-29T16:00:00Z

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Added you to the list. Thanks for volunteering! 😄

Event is tomorrow morning, we can’t wait to see everyone there!

Am confused… event time not the same as atc stffed time

Any way … to be real and follow ur instructions i will fly air canada from new zealand … pushback in 15 mins … see u in 13 hrs

What do you mean?

I’ll see you at the event!

See the timing in event time and atc time

Ah I see what you mean. The event will be from 0600Z to 16:30Z so then in that time IFATC controllers can choose what time they want to control, and for how long ,but minimum 30Min.

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Lovely … i just tookoff from nzaa … hope to land in atc staffed time see u soon ❤️🇨🇦565

Just took off from Istanbul going to CYVR!


Any recommended stars?

What a pleasant surprise!! I’m doing NTAA-CYVR in the Air Tahiti Nui B789 and then I see this thread. ETE is 8:24hrs so hope I make it in time to get some atc coverage 🤞🤞

Callsign : Jet Airways 003VA

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CYYC and CYVR are now open!

On my way … 1 hour to arrive

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