29JUN21 / 0600Z to 1630Z - IFATC Long Haul Fly-In @ CYVR

Hello and welcome to a new series I’m starting with IFATC. Every week, I’m going to feature an airport that will be staffed with fully staffed ATC/ATC in between the times of the event. This week for the start of the series, we’re heading to Vancouver Canada. A great area of landscape and plenty of long hauls to choose from. The reason I picked a Tuesday is for every IFATC controller is eligible to control for this event series because on Tuesday’s, IFATC controllers are free to control any airport or frequency in the world. And you might be wondering, why are you starting the event time at 0600Z when the region changes? Well, I wanted to give everyone a chance to control and fly in for this event. And, if the airport gets busy at CYVR, I will have a secondary airport on the list. But, the main airport is going to be the one listed in the picture above.

Airport: CYVR and CYYC

Time: 2021-06-29T06:00:00Z to 2021-06-29T16:00:00Z

Server: Expert

Controller Times and Frequencies Being Staffed


Frequency Controller Time Being Staffed
Tower, Ground, ATIS @MJP_27, @robert_xing, @Captainflight, @NathanPreuss @Captainflight’s time - 2021-06-29T15:00:00Z to 2021-06-29T16:00:00Z @NathanPreuss’s time - 2021-06-29T11:00:00Z to 2021-06-29T13:00:00Z @MJP_27’s time - 2021-06-29T13:00:00Z to 2021-06-29T14:00:00Z
Approach @ThomasThePro 2021-06-29T14:45:00Z to 2021-06-29T16:00:00Z
Departure @ThomasThePro Same time as above ^


Frequency Controller Time Being Staffed
Tower, Ground, ATIS @AviationChampion 2021-06-29T13:00:00Z to 2021-06-29T16:00:00Z

Center Frequency

Frequency Controller Time Being Staffed

Having trouble finding a route to fly to Vancouver? Check out our featured routes for the event!

Route Aircraft Flight Time
VIDP to CYVR Air India B777-300ER 13:52hrs
LFPG to CYVR Air Tahiti B787-9 10:02hrs
RCTP to CYVR Eva Air B787-10 10:32hrs
NZAA to CYVR Air Canada B777-300ER 13:20hrs
EGLL to CYVR British Airways A380 9:58hrs

We hope you can join me and the IFATC controllers for the event! 😄


Oh! Wow! Great event! Delhi to Vancouver by Air India 77W is one of my favourite routes. I love flying this route! I would join this event but sadly I haven’t subscribed for IF pro. If I had IF Pro I would definitely join this event!

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Great event, hopefully, I can join and fly the new Turkish Airlines route from Istanbul with the B787-9!

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Great idea Mason! I’ll try my best to be there

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Oooo i wanna come

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Is it possible to add OEJN to Vancouver? 😁

Hey there!

Since that’s not a real world route unfortunately I’m not going to add that to the list. You may fly it to CYVR though. Sorry

If u allow i will do it 😁

Yeah, I’ll allow it. Any Route can be flown for this event.

This Event is now Sponsored by Surf Air Virtual!

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I can get approach/departure at YVR from 2021-06-29T14:45:00Z2021-06-29T16:00:00Z

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Added you to the list. Thanks for volunteering! 😄

Event is tomorrow morning, we can’t wait to see everyone there!

Am confused… event time not the same as atc stffed time

Any way … to be real and follow ur instructions i will fly air canada from new zealand … pushback in 15 mins … see u in 13 hrs

What do you mean?

I’ll see you at the event!

See the timing in event time and atc time

Ah I see what you mean. The event will be from 0600Z to 16:30Z so then in that time IFATC controllers can choose what time they want to control, and for how long ,but minimum 30Min.

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Lovely … i just tookoff from nzaa … hope to land in atc staffed time see u soon ❤️🇨🇦565

Just took off from Istanbul going to CYVR!