29JUL20 / 2000Z - Wine Country Short Hop @ KSFO

United Embraer 170


1PM PST Departure

Expert Server

Join me in what I like to call, “the wine country short hop”! Copy my FPL, and gates will be assigned 10 minutes before spawn time!

Hey! Nice group-flight you’ve got here. However, might I remind you that group-flights must be posted a maximum of 3 hours prior to departure. You can post this tomorrow around 2020-07-29T17:00:00Z.

You can check for more information here :)

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Like @ran said, it’s a little early to post this. However, as STS is my home town, I’ll definitely join you tomorrow at anytime really. Just PM me before you go!


@N2628P STS is my hometown as well!

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@N2628P let’s take this to a PM

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