29JUL20 / 1800Z World class skiing to the sawtooth mountains @ KSUN to 1U7

  • XCUB orange and grey:

  • KSUN- 1U7:

  • 1800Z:

  • Expert:

  • Please spawn in on time, be professional, and respect the Unicom :
Extremely important flight info must read

I will be spawning in 5 minutes early to make a flight plan.
We will start taxiing at 1810Z
Please once spawned copy my flight plan.
We will be cruising at 10,000ft today.
Please follow my speed in cruise and descent we don’t want anyone to be overtaken this is not a race.
Once landed park off on the side of the runway since there is no ramp.
Most importantly have fun.


Hope to see you there, and safe flying to all of you!

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Hey @StormyAviation!

Unfortunately, group flights must take place within 3 hours of posting. You could post this later at 1800z instead.

Check out this thread.


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Ah okay, I will just change the time.

Okay it’s changed.

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I meant if you want this at 2100Z, you need to post this group flight at 1800Z.

Anyway, since it’s changed to 1800Z, it is now 1459Z and the flight will take place in 3 hours, so it shouldn’t be a problem now!

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Good, will you be able to join?


I’d love to, but it would be too late for me unfortunately.


Ah that’s okay.


I might be able to join

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Okay sounds good.

10 minutes till the event I will be spawning in to make a flight plan in 5 minutes.

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