29JAN22 / 1800Z - The Huge Frankfurt Flyout @ EDDF

Hi, I´d like to have this gate pls

I’ll take this one

A16 please!

New signups:

@FirstOfficerLeon Of course, you have been assigned Gate B20.



@HarrisonFPSAviation - Welcome to the community!

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Bumping this, let’s get some signups and fill up Frankfurt!

Another bump for @ButterAllDay, make sure to join guys gonna be fun!!

may i have this flight
C14 Lufthansa Atlanta (KATL) A330-300 10 hours and 36 minutes

Could I please have that flight instead of the flight I have right now. The flight I have right now is to Abu Dhabi

@Qatari777YT You are signed up!

@KSM_King_Storm Your gate has been changed.

Bumping this event, let’s fill up Frankfurt! :)

I’m thinking about signing up soon, well, I’ll see, its a Saturday and its a reasonable time for me, I’ll see, I’m definitely interested.

I will take this as Lufthansa 778 :)