29DEC22: The Nice Flyout

Welcome to the Nice Flyout hosted by @Butter575 and @VH-OEJ_747! We are excited to host this flyout because it is an amazing that deserves to have a massive event. This event will be on the 29th of December. We hope this event gets many signups to make Nice Airport look busy!

Event Specifics

Server: Expert
Date: 29DEC22
Type: Flyout

Terminal 1
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
02 Condor A321 Frankfurt @B6_Andreas
06 LOT 737-800 Warsaw @RagonDragon
08A SAS 737-800 Copenhagen
08C Swiss A220 Zurich @JMacMcd
10 Norwegian 737-800 Oslo @IF.NORWAY
14 Air Corsica Q400 Calvi @Butter575
16 Iberia A321 Madrid
18 TAP A320 Lisbon
20 British Airways E190 London City @CCH_real
22 Eurowings A320 Dusseldorf @Helzluis
24A Eurowings A320 Dusseldorf @IFA_YT
24C Lufthansa CRJ9 Munich @UALPilot
Terminal 2
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
28 EasyJet A320 Zurich @N889FQ
40 EasyJet A320 Venice @United403
42 EasyJet A320 Gatwick @coolguy_bob
44 Transavia 737-800 Amsterdam
48 Austrian A321 Vienna @EnthusiasticAviation
50 Wizz A321 Rome @Bay_Area_Aviation
52 Emirates 777-300ER Dubai @NvAviator
54 La Compaigne 757-200 New York @harrisonsauter111
56 Delta 767-300 New York
58 KLM 737-800 Amsterdam
60 Alitalia A321 Rome
62 Air France A320 Paris @Apple_Haye

Frequency Controller

  • We are not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instruction
  • Use unicom correctly if necessary
  • Act proffesionally
  • Have fun!


This great flight please

Ill get you down


Amazing! Thanks so much

@Butter575 are you allowing sponsors for this event?

Hold that thought

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Roger that

Yes we will allow sponsors. Just keep posting your events to a minimum here

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Okay! I’ll just share one here

Thanks so much and I can’t wait

I’ll take this flight

I’ll get you down

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Hey i would love to have (737-800 - OSL - Norwegian) is it possible to add gate for it?

Sure! I’ll get you down


Ill take this

You are signed up

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Wait can I switch to the 767 to new york?

I’ll switch you shortly

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Can I take 28 please?

I’ll get you down

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Terminal 2 gate 42, for EasyJet to Gatwick

Also, I am in Easyjet VA